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‘Gilmore Girls’ Special #3 – The Hype Girls Talk Season 3

Hosted by Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi, Selina Wilken

August 8, 2016

Big things are happening on Gilmore Girls season 3, and the Hype Podcast girls are back again to dip deep into the world of Stars Hollow. Surprise! We’re still watching Gilmore Girls (we know, we’re amazed too). Remind yourself of our Gilmore Girls season 1 and season 2 discussions, and then tune in to hear Selina’s first thoughts on Gilmore Girls season 3, and what Pam and Marama caught on their rewatch.

Remember, this episode is SPOILER FREE for events after Gilmore Girls season 3! Meaning in this special we’ll only be talking about the events that happened in the third season of the series, so feel free to watch along with us and join in on the discussion and please keep the discussion on this post spoiler free.

– Season 3 sees a lot of changes and we are Here. For. It.
– Selina and Marama disagree over the pacing and structure of this season.
– Wow Windward Circle is a great idea, said no one ever.
– Enter Dave Rygalski, the true MVP.
– Pam and Marama have to drop a big spoiler on Selina to save her from future disappointment.
– We all share our Lane-related traumas/dreams.
– Lorelai and Luke almost fulfill one of Selina’s predictions, except not quite.
– Is the Lorelai/Luke romance being stretched too far?
– We’re split over the young Lorelai flashbacks, and the cheque scene.
– Harvard vs Yale, Gilmore girls vs Gilmore elders, the show vs the audience.
– We delve into Paris’ breakdown and depictions of sexuality on Gilmore Girls.
– Is Jess to Gilmore Girls as Spike is to Buffy?
– Our favorite episodes feature some of the best side characters, including Paris, Sookie, Trix, and Kirk (duh).
– Selina makes a stand for Luke, and tries out a Logan impression.
– Your feedback covers Dean, Emily, some positive affirmations, and launches a new ship.
– Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Gilmore Girls season 4 so we can discuss them on our next special!

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