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Podcast troubleshooting – What to do when iTunes doesn’t show a new episode?

The iTunes Store isn’t perfect. When podcasts aren’t able to be downloaded due to a technical glitch, refer to this guide to put a podcast on your MP3 player.

1. Download from post

In order to download an episode from a Hypable podcast post, simply right click and select “Save file as…” on the “Download Episode” button.

2. Add to iTunes

Open up iTunes. Choose “File” from the menu bar, select “Add to Library,” then select the podcast episode you just downloaded.

3. Make the MP3 a podcast

Search for the podcast episode you just added under the “Music” tab. Right click the podcast episode, and click “Get Info.”

Under the “Options” tab, select the following two things: “Media Kind” – Podcast; “Remember Playback Position” – check. Using these settings will allow iTunes to remember where you left off in the show if you have to pause it.

4. Add to your MP3 player

Add the podcast episode to your mp3 player however you usually would. The episode should be located in the “Podcasts” section of your iTunes.

On any recent iOS device, such as Apple’s iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, the podcast will load directly into your Podcasts app, as it usually would. The Podcast app is available for free from Apple here.

And that’s it!

Much simpler than you anticipated, right? Don’t you feel like a techie now? It’s because you are.

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