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‘Gilmore Girls’ Special #2 – The Hype Girls Talk Season 2

Hosted by Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi, Selina Wilken

May 14, 2016

It’s Gilmore Girls time again, as the Hype Podcast girls revisit your Stars Hollow favorites and dive into Gilmore Girls season 2. Make sure to catch up on our Gilmore Girls season 1 discussion, and then tune in to hear what Selina thought of her first Gilmore Girls season 2 viewing, and what Pam and Marama caught on their rewatch.

Remember, this episode is SPOILER FREE for events after Gilmore Girls season 2! Meaning in this special we’ll only be talking about the events that happened in the second season of the series, so feel free to watch along with us and join in on the discussion and please keep the discussion on this post spoiler free.

– Listen out for parallels between Gilmore Girls and Buffy (natch), Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Friends, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
– Selina didn’t like Jess. LOL JK, #YesJess
– Does Jess fill the role that Tristan was meant to have?
– The parallels of Jess and Lorelai.
– Selina wants another Gilmore Girls teen pregnancy. Otherwise, fanfic is incoming.
– It’s not all about romance, what about Luke and Jess’ relationship?
– We move on from Jess Hype to remind ourselves that Max existed.
– A dive deep into the repercussions of Lorelai’s lost childhood.
– We get personal for a second to share some stories that impact the way we individually relate to Gilmore Girls.
– Marama outs her very, very, VERY unpopular ship.
– Lorelai and Luke watch: where are they up to this season?
– Marama is firmly on Team Emily Is The Most Interesting Character; Selina is Team Richard Is A Jerk.
– Shout out to some other season 2 favorite characters: Kirk, Paris, Mia, and Michel.
– Our favorite episodes are very hard to narrow down this season.
– New OTP: Lane and drums.
– Big questions! Who are we shipping Lorelai with? Who are we shipping Rory with?
– Selina makes her Gilmore Girls predictions.
– Pam and Marama point out the moments they noticed on their rewatch.
– We end with your feedback, covering Jess, Emily, your personal relationship with Gilmore Girls, Dean, and more.
– Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Gilmore Girls season 3 so we can discuss the on our next special!

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