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Hype Special #14 – ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Plot Breakdown (Spoilers!)

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Tariq Kyle, Donya Abramo, Katie Awad

June 26, 2016

Beware, here be spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Four Hypable staff members who attended the play in London have a lot to say about the plot, characters, and twists.

So you’ve seen Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and want to know what your fellow fans thought about it. Right? That’s totally why you’re here — no chance whatsoever that you’ve come to be spoiled, surely?!

But hey, it’s a free world. We know a lot of Harry Potter fans won’t be able to see the play before July 31 (if at all), and that they just want to know what happens to Harry and his friends. That’s why we’ve recorded this extra-long, spoiler-filled breakdown of Cursed Child, which discusses the plot as per the first preview performance in London at the beginning of June. Be aware that the plot may or may not change between now and the official world premiere — we won’t know until the script book comes out!

If you’re looking for a spoiler-free breakdown, we’ve got one of those as well! That’s also where we discuss everything about the acting and stage design (elements we loved). This is specifically about the plot and twists.

Discussion Points:
– Welcome to ScorpiusCast
– Kyle reacts to the play as a whole: He loved it!
– Selina begins summarizing the play, but it’s too long and convoluted so Donya has to take over
– The premise of the play: Like a ‘Best of Harry Potter,’ except it wasn’t the best
– One particular sequence with Scorpius was hilarious
– A few returning characters felt superfluous and out of character
– The twist… was ridiculous, and doesn’t make sense in canon
– Will Harry Potter fans accept this part of the new story as canon?
– Was the final act too emotionally manipulative?
– The play missed a major opportunity to introduce an LGBT relationship — and this is becoming an uncomfortable trend in the Harry Potter universe
– Rose was underused and disappointing
– The original Harry Potter characters were amazing
– We loved Hermione, and the Ron/Hermione romance
– We’ve got mixed opinions about Harry though. Was he a BadDad™?
– Ginny and fanfic!Draco were awesome
– We discuss the many characters who didn’t appear, who should have
– Our favorite moments and scenes
– The surprising Trolley Lady reveal
– Will this be considered canon? Do we consider it canon?
– Listener feedback

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