Since its launch in 2011, Hypable has been dedicated to serving tons of fandom communities. We're driven by our love for popular culture.


Where we’ve come from.

The idea for Hypable came in 2010 when co-founders Andrew Sims and Richard Reid were managing the biggest Harry Potter fan site, With Harry Potter seemingly coming to a close, they were looking for another way to serve fandoms of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew and Richard decided to create a website that was a MuggleNet for all fandoms. One place to get everything you need to know about your favorite shows, books, and movies.

In the years since our launch, we’ve shifted from a news focus to an analysis focus. Hypable provides fans with thoughtful, in-depth looks at pop culture through our website, podcasts, social media channels, and iOS/Android app. We write content that you won’t find anywhere else, making it one of the most unique fandom resources online. (And we still cover big news when it’s OMG-inducing.)

Hypable is passionate fandom coverage.


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