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‘The Walking Dead’ Morgan Jones quotes: ‘All life is precious’

Morgan Jones’ story line on The Walking Dead has had quite the trajectory. Here’s a look at everything he’s been through with our favorite quotes!

When fans first met Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead, he and his son Duane took in Rick off the streets. They were the first ones to explain to Rick that the world had succumbed to a zombie (or walker) apocalypse while he was in a coma. Rick left Morgan to try and find his own family and hoped to one day meet up with them again.

The next time Rick ran into Morgan, Duane had died after being bitten by the walker of his own mother. The grief sent Morgan into insanity, and he began killing anyone that he came across. Rick was able to leave Moran with his life, and also his stock of guns to fight the Governor with.

Morgan then went on to meet Eastmen who helped him get control over his grief and anger. Eastmen taught Morgan Akido and also the value that all life is precious. After Eastmen’s death, Morgan set out once on his own once again and began to find clues pointing towards Rick’s survival.

Eventually, Morgan ran into Daryl and Aaron who brought him to Alexandria just as Rick was executing Pete. It was a harsh realization of just how far the two men have change since their time apart. Now they’re trying to learn how to survive together with different values.

‘The Walking Dead’ Morgan Jones quotes:

  • Morgan: You’re a good man, Rick. I hope you find your wife and son.
    –1×01 “Days Gone By”
  • Morgan: Listen, one thing. They may not seem like much one at a time, but in a group all riled up and hungry. Man, you watch your ass.
    –1×01 “Days Gone By”
  • Morgan: Hey, your boy, is he dead?
    Rick: No.
    Morgan: No? He will be. See ’cause people like you, the good people, they always die. And the bad people do too. But the weak people, the people like me, we have inherited the earth.
    –3×12 “Clear”
  • Morgan: You’re taking a lot of guns, Rick. No, I’m just saying that that all is a lot of guns. Why do you need the guns, Rick? ‘Cause if you got something good, that just means that someone wants to take it. And that is what is happening, right?
    Rick: We’re gonna win. You can be there, you can help.
    Morgan: You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets, you and your boy. Your people, but not me. Because I’m not gonna watch that happen again.
    –3×12 “Clear”
  • The Walking Dead Morgan 3x12
  • Daryl: Why?
    Morgan: Why? ‘Cause all life is precious, Daryl.
    –5×16 “Conquer”
  • Rick: I shot him because he killed Reg, that was it. We didn’t have a choice.
    Morgan: You do have a cell.
    Rick: Not for killers.
    Morgan: I’m a killer, Rick. I am, and you are, too.
    –6×01 “First Time Again”
  • Morgan: You were right, it wasn’t over.
    Rick: We should talk more tomorrow. Listen, I don’t take chances anymore.
    Morgan: And you shouldn’t.
    –6×01 “First Time Again”
  • Morgan: Leave. My people have guns, yours don’t. They may be aiming rifles at you right now. Eyes at the scopes, fingers on the trigger, boom. It’s gonna happen any second now unless you get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back. You keep choosing this life, you will die.
    –6×02 “JSS”
  • The Walking Dead Morgan 6x02
  • Eastman: I just wanted to wait a little while before we talked. I’m from Atlanta, I’m a forensic psychiatrist. The state employed me to determine if certain people who did very bad things would do them again if they were released from prison. That was my job. Now I live here. Because of the state of the state of the whole world. What did you do or what do you do now?
    Morgan: I clear.
    Eastman: What the hell does that mean?
    Morgan: Walkers, people, anything that gets anywhere near me, I kill them. I clear.
    Eastman: Why?
    Morgan: Because that’s why I’m still here.
    Eastman: Well, that’s the biggest load of horse shit I ever heard.
    –6×04 “Here’s Not Here”
  • Morgan: Do you think I don’t belong here?
    Rick: Making it now, do you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?
    Morgan: I don’t know.
    –6×07 “Heads Up”
  • Morgan: Why didn’t you kill me, Rick, back in King County? Pulled a knife on you, I stabbed you. So why didn’t you kill me? Was it ’cause I saved you after the hospital?
    Rick: ‘Cause I knew who you were.
    Morgan: Back there I would have killed you as soon as look at you, and I tried. But you, you let me live and then I was there to help Aaron and Daryl. See, if I, if I wasn’t there, if they died maybe those Wolves wouldn’t have been able to come back here. I don’t know what’s right anymore. ‘Cause I did want to kill those men. I seen what they did, what they would keep doing. I knew I could end it, but I also know that people can change. ‘Cause everyone sitting here has. All life is precious, and that idea, that idea changed me. It brought me back and keeps me living.
    –6×07 “Heads Up”
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    The Walking Dead Morgan 6x07
  • Morgan: Where there’s life, there’s possibility.
    Rick: Of them hitting us.
    Morgan: We’re not trapped in this, none of you are trapped in this.
    –6×12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”
  • Morgan: Carol?
    Carol: I told you not to come.
    Morgan: And I’m gonna start listening to you real soon.
    –6×16 “Last Day on Earth”
  • Morgan: People can try and you set you in the right direction, but they can’t show you the way.
    –7×02 “The Well”

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