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‘The Walking Dead’ Carl Grimes quotes: ‘I don’t want us to get weak’

The Walking Dead has spared Carl Grimes once again, in celebration here are our favorite quotes from the young man growing up in the apocalypse.

Carl Grimes has grown up right before our eyes and gives The Walking Dead fans a look into what happens when a child is raised in a world of such uncertainty. It hasn’t been an easy for Carl, especially since losing his mother, but through it all he remains resilient.

Carl has been able to hold onto much of his humility while still remaining realistic about the situations that they’re in. Even when the adults around him, including his father, have a hard time dealing with the cards they’re dealt Carl is able to pull through with a level head.

Going into season 7 fans will watch as Carl deals with their most recent loss and coming to live under Negan’s rule.

‘The Walking Dead’ Carl Grimes quotes:

  • Shane: If you think this is bad, wait till you start shaving. That stings. That day comes, you’ll be wishing for one of your mama’s haircuts.
    Carl: I’ll believe that when I see it.
    — 1×03 “Tell It To The Frogs”
  • Carl: Are we safe now, dad? Now that we’re together?
    Rick: I won’t leave again. I promise you that. Not for anything.
    –1×05 “Wildfire”
  • Carl: Are you hungover? Mom said you’d be.
    Rick: Mom is right.
    Lori: Mom has that annoying habit.
    –1×06 “TS-19”
  • The Walking Dead Carl 1x06
  • Carl: Hey, I’m like you now. We’ve both been shot. Isn’t that weird?
    Rick: Yeah, I think your mother would rather hear we got the same eyes. So let’s keep that between us. Since you’re in the club now, you get to wear the hat. Didn’t you know? We’ll pad the rim tomorrow so it sits better.
    Carl: Won’t you miss it?
    Rick: Maybe you’ll let me borrow it from time to time.
    Carl: We can share it.
    — 2×04 “Cherokee Rose”
  • Carl: They don’t have a mother.
    Lori: She might be somewhere else.
    Carl: Maybe she got eaten, everything is food for something else.
    –2×06 “Secrets”
  • Carl: Mom, I’m not leaving until we find Sophia. And I don’t want to go even after that.
    Lori: Well, we’re not leaving, Carl.You finish those problems.
    Carl: I just think she… she’s gonna like it here. This place, it could be a home.
    –2×07 “Pretty Much Dead Already”
  • The Walking Dead Carl 2x07
  • Carl: I thought I’d find her.
    Lori: We all did.
    Carl: I mean, me. That I’d be the one. Like maybe she was hiding somewhere in a cave or a tree. She’d be safe and I’d find her and bring her back. He did the right thing, shooting her like that. I would’ve done it, too.
    –2×08 “Nebraska”
  • Carol: You know, we’ll see Sophia again in heaven some day. She’s in a better place.
    Carl: No, she’s not. Heaven is just another lie, and if you believe it, you’re an idiot.
    –2×11 “Judge, Jury, Executioner”
  • Carl: Check it out!
    Lori: Where did you get this?
    Carl: From the infirmary. Wasn’t much left, but I cleared it out.
    Lori: You went by yourself?
    Carl: Yeah.
    Lori: Are you crazy?
    Carl: No big deal, I killed two walkers.
    Lori: Do you see this? This was with the whole group.
    Carl: We needed supplies so I got them.
    Lori: I appreciate that but…
    Carl: Then get off my back!
    –3×02 “Sick”
  • The Walking Dead Carl 3x02
  • Daryl: She got a name yet?
    Carl: Not yet. I was thinking, maybe Sophia? Then there’s Carol too. Andrea, Amy. Jacqui, Patricia. Or… Lori, I don’t know.
    –3×05 “Say The Word”
  • Daryl: You know, she was just gone. Erased. People said it was better that way. I don’t know. Just made it seem like it wasn’t real, ya know?
    Carl: I shot my mom, she was out. Hadn’t turned yet. I ended it, it was real.
    –3×06 “Hounded”
  • Carl: Daryl’s been calling her Ass-Kicker.
    Rick: Ass-Kicker? Has he, now?
    Carl: I’ve been thinking, what we should really call her?
    Rick: What do you think?
    Carl: Remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Mueller?
    Rick: Of course.
    Carl: Her first name was Judith. Do you think that’s a good name?
    Rick: I think that’s…that’s a fine name. Judith it is.
    –3×07 “When The Dead Come Knocking”
  • Michonne: You think I was gonna let you go in there?
    Carl: I just think it’s none of your business. You don’t know me, you don’t know my dad.
    Michonne: I came out here to help.
    Carl: You came out here for common interests. We have the same enemy and same the problem. And that’s why you’re here, that’s it. This is important. I’m going to do this. And I know how I can, you can’t stop me.
    Michonne: I can’t stop you. But you can’t stop me from helping you.
    –3×12 “Clear”
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    The Walking Dead Carl 3x12
  • Carl: You’re naming them?
    Mika: Well, one of them has a name tag. So we thought all of them should.
    Carl: They had names when they were alive, they’re dead now.
    Lizzie: No, they’re not. They’re just different.
    Carl: What the hell are you talking about? Okay, they don’t talk. They don’t think. They eat people. They kill people.
    Lizzie: People kill people, they still have names.
    –4×01 “30 Days Without an Accident”
  • Carl: Dad, you can’t keep me from it.
    Rick: What?
    Carl: From what always happens.
    Rick: I know, but it’s my job to try.
    –4×05 “Internment”
  • Carl: I tied the door shut.
    Rick: We don’t need to take any chances.
    Carl: You don’t think it’ll hold?
    Rick: Carl.
    Carl: It’s a strong knot. Clove hitch. Shane taught me, remember him?
    Rick: Yeah, I remember him. I remember him every day.
    –4×09 “After”
  • The Walking Dead Carl 4x09
  • Carl: Everything that’s happened to us, all the stuff we’ve done. Are we gonna tell them the truth?
    Rick: We’re gonna tell them who we are.
    Carl: But how do you say that? I mean… who are we?
    –4×16 “A”
  • Carl: This is the kind of place my mom wanted for us. 
    Deanna: I’m sorry you lost her. 
    Carl: I didn’t just lose her, I killed her. It had to be me. 
    –5×12 “Remember”
  • Carl: What do you think of this place? 
    Rick: Well, I think it seems… nice. 
    Carl: Yeah, I like it here. I like the people. But they’re weak, and I don’t want us to get weak, too. 
    –5×12 “Remember”
  • Carl: Look man, I get it. My dad killed your dad, but you need to know something. Your dad was an asshole. 
    –6×08 “Start to Finish”
  • The Walking Dead Carl 6x08
  • Enid: Why are we coming out here? 
    Carl: ‘Cause we’re kids. It’s what they do. 
    Enid: We’re not kids. 
    –6×10 “The Next World”
  • Carl: No, I’m not coming. Someone’s gotta stay back, keep this place safe. A kid with a messed-up face probably wouldn’t make the best first impression anyway.
    –6×11 “Knots Untie”
  • Carl: Those Saviors are out there. And you know what they did to Denise. And what they tried to do with Maggie, and to Carol, to Daryl, to Rosita, to Eugene. That’s not happening to you, all right? I’m not gonna let it.
    –6×16 “Last Day on Earth”

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