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What your favorite ‘Gotham’ character says about you

Don't worry, nobody thinks you've actually killed someone.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but no matter who your favorite Gotham character is, none of you are king of anything.

Once I know your favorite Gotham character, I know specific details about you and your life. Some might say it’s unnatural. Others might say it’s a gift. I say it’s a lifetime of observation. I’m not psychic, I promise. I’m just really good at being judgmental. If you say I’m wrong, you’re just a liar, and your favorite character is probably Jervis.

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Alfred Pennyworth: You say “lit” unironically.

Barbara Kean: You play games on your cell phone during class.

Bruce Wayne: You lend your favorite books to people.

Butch Gilzean: Your cell phone’s wallpaper is of your pet.

Edward Nygma: Dinner is promptly at six o’clock, no exceptions.

Fish Mooney: You set your tests and assignments on fire at the end of each school year.

Harvey Bullock: You’re a Slytherin.

Harvey Dent: You insist on price-matching your groceries.

Jerome Valeska: You’ve tried to slide down the stairs in a plastic bin.

Jervis Tetch: You’re able to get a free replacement for your water damaged phone.

Jim Gordon: You remind the teacher that he/she forgot to assign the homework at the end of class.

Lee Thompkins: You perfectly fit Tupperwares into your lunchbox like it’s a game of Tetris.

Lucius Fox You pretend to be an employee at the Genius bar.

Nathaniel Barnes: You refuse to try any flavor of Doritos except original nacho cheese.

Selina Kyle: You use a friend’s Netflix password.

Tabitha Galavan: You secretly pour out all the alcohol at a party just to see people’s reactions.

Oswald Cobblepot: You creep your ex’s new partner’s social media.

Who’s your favorite ‘Gotham’ character?

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