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What your favorite ‘Orphan Black’ character says about you

Humor guaranteed. Accuracy… Maybe not.

The saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover,’ except when it comes to people and their favorite characters. Who your favorite character is says a lot about you, whether good or bad. (Just kidding, it’s only good. Unless your favorite character is Vic or Leekie. Then seriously, what’s wrong with you?)

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From Clone Club to Dyad, the personalities are across the board. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Here’s what your favorite Orphan Black character reveals about you (according to us):

Aldous Leekie: You believe in animal testing new shampoos.

orphan black aldous leekie

Alison Hendrix: Your cereal is lined up alphabetically.

alison hendrix

Angela Deangelis: You peer from the upstairs window and spy on the neighbors.

orphan black angela deangelis

Art Bell: You refuse to lose a game of Clue.

orphan black art bell

Beth Childs: People don’t know a lot about you, mostly because they haven’t had the chance to. Possibly because you’re actually dead.

orphan black beth childs

Cal Morrison: You tend to get what you want by batting your lashes.

orphan black cal morrison

Cosima Niehaus: Literally nobody can keep up with you in a conversation. While people have only responded to the first part of your speech, you’ve already moved on to another topic.

cosima niehaus

Delphine Cormier: You’re actually a small dog.

orphan black delphine cormier

Donnie Hendrix: You drop bowling balls, not only on your own foot, but on your friends’ feet too.

orphan black donnie hendrix

Felix Dawkins: You’re incapable of giving a straight answer. All responses are dished out with the highest level of sass.

orphan black felix dawkins

Helena: When dining at a buffet, you stuff food into your bag to take home after.

orphan black helena

Katja Obinger: You don’t have long for this world.

orphan black katja obinger

Kira Manning: You’re the person people copy test answers from.

orphan black kira manning

Mrs. S: You collect all the gossip and hold it over people’s heads to one day use to your advantage.

orphan black mrs s

Paul Dierden: Your whole house is painted beige. Your carpet is beige. All your furniture is beige.

orphan black paul dierden

Rachel Duncan: You ruin jokes by rationalizing them.

orphan black rachel duncan

Sarah Manning: You’re the reluctant designated driver.

sarah manning

Tony Sawicki: You admire yourself in a mirror every time you pass one.

orphan black tony sawicki

Vic Schmidt: You leave your cell phone on ‘ringer’ at the movies and insist on having the conversation in the theatre instead of leaving.

orphan black vic schmidt

‘Orphan Black’ season 3 premieres April 18 at 9 p.m.

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