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What your favorite ‘Hunger Games’ character says about you

You love it. Real or not real?

When you say who your favorite Hunger Games character is, we know exactly what someone will assume about you.

First impressions of people are often difficult to gauge. Is that how they are normally, or are they trying to impress you? How different will they be after you’ve gotten to know them?

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Struggle no more! A quick way to know a person’s character is by asking them who they’re favorite Hunger Games character is. People’s favorite characters really say a lot about their personality, and it’s a subtle way of figuring out who they truly are without them knowing. Test it out on your friends, too! You might learn something about them that will surprise you.

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Buttercup: You are not a morning person, and should anyone talk to you before you’ve had a cup of coffee, they will have their head cut off.

hunger games buttercup cat

Caesar Flickerman: You publicly announce when you have to pee.

hunger games caesar flickerman

Cinna: You get revenge on your dieting ‘friend’ by giving him/her low carb chocolate chip cookies, but secretly baking them with real flour and sweetened chocolate chips instead.

hunger games cinna

Effie Trinket: You wear heels to an amusement park because you damn well feel like it.

hunger games effie trinket

Finnick Odair: You laugh at your own jokes.

hunger games finnick odair

Gale Hawthorne: You insist on keeping score during mini putt.

hunger games gale hawthorne

Haymitch Abernathy: You go to birthday parties of friends you don’t actually like because there’s free food.

hunger games haymitch abernathy

Johanna Mason: You refuse to go all out on Halloween. Instead, you wear an easy costume, like dressing normally with a ‘Nudist On Strike’ sign around your neck.

hunger games johanna mason

Katniss Everdeen: You’re reluctantly the main speaker for a group project’s presentation.

hunger games katniss everdeen

Peeta Mellark: You’re soft; either you’re more attuned to others’ feelings and quite sensitive yourself, or you’re a little doughy around the middle because bread is just so delicious. Or you’re both.

hunger games peeta mellark

President Snow: You yell at kids to get off your lawn and spray them with a hose as enforcement.

hunger games president snow

Prim Everdeen: You drop whatever you’re doing to pet a dog or cat.

hunger games primrose everdeen

Who’s your favorite ‘Hunger Games’ character?

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