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‘Veronica Mars’ season 4’s best deep-cut cameos

While there are some great appearances by some classic fan-favorite characters, these deep-cut cameos are the true standouts in ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4.

After all, half the fun of watching revivals of shows and movie franchises that we all know, love, and obsess over is finding those little nuggets that are meant for the most devoted superfans. That’s part of what made the Veronica Mars movie such a blast to watch. There were so many fan-favorite characters, both friends and villains, that returned that there was a little bit of something for every marshmallow.

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But, while there were a lot of special appearances by faces from the original series, most of them were relatively well-known or explored characters. They were tertiary characters at the very least.

That’s where the new season of Veronica Mars on Hulu comes in. Instead of featuring a wealth of fan-favorite characters, season 4 instead dives deep into the history of the show and surfaces some people we haven’t seen (or probably even thought of) in ages.

Not only that, but most of the cameos come from seasons 2 and 3, which is surprising given how little those seasons have been referenced in the years since (and how Veronica Mars season 3 disappointed many fans). It’s so crazy to see all of these familiar faces again after not thinking about them for years.

Out of all of the fun character surprises, these were the best Veronica Mars season 4 deep-cut cameos.

‘Veronica Mars’ season 4 cameos

Liam Fitzpatrick, the crime family leader

Liam Fitzpatrick from Veronica Mars season 4

Who ever thought we’d see Liam Fitzpatrick or hear about the crazy dysfunctional Fitzpatrick crime family again? The lesser big bad of the second season, Liam Fitzpatrick is nothing short of insane. But his unpredictable insanity is what makes his character so interesting, so it was nice to see that trait return in this season of Veronica Mars. He’s legitimately terrifying as he and his goons chase Matty down the street. It’s too bad this deep-cut cameo doesn’t turn into anything beyond just that!

Hector, Weevil’s right hand man

Hector from Veronica Mars

Hector may not be the most recognizable Neptune-ite, but he has been by Weevil’s side from the very beginning. (No, really. He was there in the pilot!) He may have a pretty thankless job and not receive much recognition beyond the leader of the PCHers’ complete trust, but he’s an important character nonetheless. After all, it kind of seems like Weevil could use all of the faithful friends he can get at this point. He doesn’t speak much during this season and really only serves as backup most times he appears, but it’s great to see Hector nonetheless.

Max, Mac’s ex-boyfriend

Max from Veronica Mars season 4

Best known as Mac’s (presumably) ex-boyfriend and the guy who used to sell copies of exams at Hearst, it’s hard not to smile when Max shows up in Veronica Mars season 4. Of course he stayed in/around Neptune to open a shop called “How High Are You?” but also presumably take a bit of advantage of oblivious and impressionable college kids once more. He may only pop up for a few moments in this new season, but Max’s appearance is such a fun and greatly unexpected deep-cut cameo.

Tim Foyle, the creepy TA-turned-murderer

Tim Foyle from Veronica Mars

TA Tim Foyle took his swimfan obsession with his and Veronica’s criminology professor when he frames Hank Landry for murdering Dean O’Dell. (Although, that terrible haircut should’ve signaled to everyone that he was the murdered and absolute worst all along…) It takes a few moments to recognize him in the second episode of Veronica Mars season 4 just because fortunately prison seemingly hasn’t treated Tim all that well. But he’s seriously just as creepy as ever. It’s interesting to see him her and revisit the weird power struggle dynamic he has with Veronica, but if we ever see him again it’ll be too soon.

Mercer Hayes, the Hearst serial rapist

Mercer Hayes from Veronica Mars season 4

Though Veronica Mars’ visit with her old TA Tim set the precedent for seeing good ol’ Mercer Hayes again, it still comes as quite a shock to see the slick hair-snipping Hearst campus rapist again. Veronica has gotten herself into and out of some pretty terrifying situations in the past, but few were as intense or scary as her drugged encounter with Mercer in a parking lot. Seeing him looking smug and like jail only knocked his ego down a couple of pegs is a bit unnerving. But his reappearance here also serves as a great reminder as to just how many scumbags Veronica has helped put away in her time as a PI, both official and otherwise.

Clarence Wiedman, security specialist

Clarence Wiedman from Veronica Mars

Ah, Clarence Wiedman. Every Veronica Mars fan’s favorite shifty security pro and part time hitman. It was a huge surprise to see him show up in Veronica Mars season 4 just because he hadn’t made an appearance since the end of season 2. What’s even more interesting, however, is the fact that it’s implied that Logan personally recommended and/or called Clarence Wiedman for the job of protecting the Senator. While he was on his way to report for duty. That begs the question: How close are Logan and Clarence Wiedman, especially after the latter killed the former’s father in prison? If only we could’ve gotten more insight into that unexpected relationship.

And, you know, wherever Clarence Wiedman is…

Jake Kane, patriarch of the Kane family

Jake Kane from Veronica Mars

… Jake Kane is sure to follow.

It’s good to know that even after his good friend murdered his daughter, his son ran away and had said friend murdered, and his wife shot Weevil when he was only trying to be a good Samaritan, Jake Kane is still as upbeat and apparently popular as ever. What klout he must have in Neptune to not only get a school named after him while he’s still alive, but while he’s only middle-aged! Classic Jake definitely comes out, though, when he thinks Veronica is trying to steal is thunder. Their relationship was never close (or familial, thank God) or truly antagonistic, and so it was nice to see their odd dynamic on screen once again, even if it was only for just a few moments.

Parker Lee, Mac’s roommate at Hearst

Parker Lee from Veronica Mars

Just when it seems like Veronica Mars season 4 is wrapping up and winding down, a wild Parker Lee appears! It takes a bit to recognize her in the local courthouse, what with the fact that the last time Veronica, Logan, and the crew saw her she was wearing a blonde wig (thanks to the asshole Hearst campus rapist). Though she doesn’t seem to be entirely happy with her life (mainly due to her failed marriage), it’s still great to see Parker and check in with how she has been doing in the years since season 3. Veronica Mars Season 3 may not have been a fan-favorite, but she was definitely a highlight of it. Hers is definitely one of the deepest of deep-cut cameos.

How many of these ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4 deep-cut cameos did you recognize?

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