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‘The Veronica Mars Movie’ characters: Do you remember them? (Updated)

Last week, ‘Veronica Mars’ creator Rob Thomas released multiple cast updates for The Veronica Mars Movie through Kickstarter emails. While we recognized some of the characters’ and actors’ names, we had trouble recalling others.

So, since we figured a lot of you might be in the same boat, we decided that we would compile a complete list of all of the returning characters and give you a quick refresher on each one.

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Back when we first found out about The Veronica Mars Movie, we had compiled a list of who we’d love to see return. We’re happy to say that the majority of our wishlist has been cast and confirmed for The Veronica Mars Movie. Because there have been so many great characters and cameos on Veronica Mars, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to try and remember what role all of these actors played on the show. Never fear, Hypable’s got you covered. Below you’ll find the list of confirmed actors (in reverse confirmed order), a quick character bio/summary, and a video of one of their best or most memorable Veronica Mars scenes. For those characters who are completely new to the movie, check out the actor in action in another film. See how many of the characters from the show you remember!

Sheriff Dan Lamb

Sheriff Lamb is BACK. Well, sort of. Actor Jerry O’Connell has taken on the role of Dan Lamb, Don Lamb’s younger brother and the new sheriff of Balboa County. According to Rob Thomas, Dan Lamb is “a new Lamb Brother I hope you love to hate.” He also says that Jerry O’Connell is good at playing amoral character who enjoys “chewing scenery.” We’re interested to see how the new Sheriff Lamb compares to the deceased Sheriff Lamb and we can’t wait to hear the quips about this Lamb that come out of Veronica’s mouth. O’Connell is great at playing a clown-like character so we hope he brings a lot of that to Sheriff Lamb #2. Watch the man in action below.

Carrie Bishop 2.0

In episode 1×14 of Veronica Mars, Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) played Carrie Bishop, a girl who exposed a high school teacher of impregnating and abandoning one of his students. Since the Veronica Mars Movie involves a high school reunion, Rob Thomas wanted to have Carrie come back into the story. Unfortunately, Leighton Meester’s schedule didn’t work out so Rob Thomas cast Andrea Estella in the role. Andrea is known best as the lead singer for Twin Sister (whose songs will also be featured in the film). Even though this is her first film, we have faith in Rob Thomas and know she’ll do well. Watch Andrea sing “I Want a House” (the song that Rob Thomas had on repeat while writing the movie) in the video below.

Ruby Jetson

You may not remember Ruby Jetson from Veronica Mars simply because she’s a completely brand new character. As of right now, we don’t know much about Ruby Jetson except her name is pretty stellar. Does it bring up mental images of The Jetsons for anyone else? She has to be cool. Ruby is played by an actress named Gaby Hoffmann who has been in films such as Field of Dreams and Now and Then, as well as appeared in the show Louie. To try to remember where you’ve seen her face before, check out the video of one of her most famous roles below. (Hint: She’s the little girl.)

Justin Long’s Mystery Character

This casting announcement from EOnline came as quite a pleasant surprise! We’re so excited to see what Justin Long brings to Balboa County. We loved him in movies like Dodgeball, Accepted, and Live Free or Die Hard. Long recently guest-starred on New Girl and totally won us over. He’s just so likable as an actor and brings such honesty to every character he plays. While we’d love to see him as a lovable nerd in The Veronica Mars Movie, we kind of hope he ends up playing an ’09er jerk just to see him do something different. Take a look at one of our favorite Justin Long moments below.

Lou “Cobb” Cobbler

Even though he never appeared on Veronica Mars, we’re interested to see Martin Starr in The Veronica Mars Movie as Lou “Cobb” Cobbler. Starr has quite the filmography, starring previously in things like Freaks and Geeks, Adventureland, and Knocked Up, not to mention Rob Thomas’ post-Veronica Mars series Party Down. We can’t wait to see him as an ’09er. To get a better idea about Starr’s acting, check out the video below.

Vinnie Van Lowe

What’s Veronica Mars without Ken Marino’s lovable, cringe-worthy Vinnie Van Lowe? He’s Neptune’s morally ambiguous private eye who, many times, is in direct competition with Mars Investigations. He’s certainly laughable and we love that his mother is his secretary. The last time we saw Mr. Van Lowe, he was running for Balboa County sheriff against Keith Mars. We hope that Keith Mars was somehow able to pull off a miraculous win. Otherwise, we feel bad for Balboa County.

Leo D’Amato

Deputy Leo is back and we couldn’t be more excited! The last time we saw him, he was working for a private security company after he had gotten fired from the police department. At the end of season 3, Keith Mars had offered Leo the chance to be a deputy if Mars were to win the election for sheriff. We’re really hoping that Leo got the chance to work for the police department again, either as a deputy or even as sheriff. It would also be great if Veronica were to call upon him once more for some help. But, no matter what he’s called upon to do, we are very much looking forward to seeing Max Greenfield in The Veronica Mars Movie.

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