Danielle Zimmerman

Assistant Managing Editor of the Hypable Books section and Features Writer

Danielle Zimmerman joined the Hypable staff in March 2013. She is the Assistant Managing Editor of the Hypable Books section as well as a features writer. Danielle has hosted Hypable's Rewatchable podcast for our Veronica Mars  and Sense8 rounds. (And coined their catchphrase #NoComment.) Listeners may know her best as "Danielle Wine Pizza," a name lovingly given to her by her cohosts.

Danielle has been a lover of pop culture and fandom as long as she could remember. YA novels, Marvel, Star Wars, Shakespeare, historical fiction, everything Disney, Paramore, Netflix original series... You name it and, chances are, she's a fan of it (or at least knows enough to talk to you about it).

Her favorite hobbies include eating her weight in pasta, trying to make a dent in her ever-growing "to-read" pile, antagonizing her cat, listening to podcasts, and quoting The Room every opportunity she gets.