12:30 pm EDT, May 26, 2018

The ‘Timeless’ writers are sharing deleted scenes (that KISS!) until NBC decides to renew ‘Timeless’

I hear you asking it. “Really? They STILL haven’t renewed Timeless?” It’s bonkers, right? Everyone’s been tweeting the dang #RenewTimeless hashtag for what feels like weeks now. The showrunners, the cast, the Timeless writers. It’s a hashtagapalooza!

And yet, we wait. Whatever’s going on behind the scenes, we haven’t heard much. We know there have been a couple almosts on the deal and then something didn’t pan out, but not much beyond that. It can be, well, a little demoralizing.

Lucky for Timeless fans, the Timeless writers have come up with a great way to both reward fans for their continued enthusiasm and fuel the fires of more continued enthusiasm.

Deleted scenes.

(There are spoilers here so if you don’t want to know, don’t keep reading.)

And we’re not talking little snippets here, either. In the last two days, the Timeless writers have dropped two deleted scenes that are KIND OF A BIG DEAL when you put them in context. That said, I can see why each of them was cut; they either reveal vital information showrunners may have wanted to save for later (first tweet), or they extend out a scene in a way that would have been amazing at the time but would have made you want to hit Wyatt with a metal pipe later (tweet #2).

Yes, I know that’s specific, but tell me I’m wrong. If we’d seen THAT, I would have been super peeved about the way he just sort of ended it with Lucy.

Luckily for us, those scenes aren’t lost to the ether and we don’t have to wait for the eventual box set to come out. Instead, they’re right here for your viewing entertainment.

All in the family.

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Y’know how we’ve been hearing about Lucy’s Rittenhouse “legacy”? I’d been reading it as an overall kind of thing. Like it had been planned for her or she was related to someone within Rittenhouse and, therefore, was sort of expected to join. Like a school or a sorority, Rittenhouse was an organization that families were apart of.

But this clip reveals that Lucy’s not only related to someone in Rittenhouse, Lucy is David Rittenhouse’s direct descendant.


Tell me your jaw didn’t drop here. Mine sure did.


Also jaw-dropping, but more in that slow “oh….my…god….” way that usually ends with a happy dance, is this deleted scene from Hollywoodland. It’s a good kiss, Matt Lanter.

But, like I said above. As good as this scene is, and it is good, imagine knowing that Lucy and Wyatt had all that passionate kissing along with the sex. This wasn’t some “fall into bed when you’re emotional” thing. This was a kiss. Kisses like that are ones you don’t just forget. Kisses like that are passion on a deeper level. If I knew that whole thing had happened like that, I would have been ready to hit someone.

Here’s the problem.

Now I want to see more deleted scenes. But I also want Timeless to be renewed already. It’s such a Sophie’s Choice!

Actually, it’s not. I need NBC to renew Timeless already.

And I need the Timeless writers to keep posting deleted scenes after it gets renewed.

There. Fixed. Someone tell NBC so we can wrap all of this up.

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