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Interview: ‘Timeless’ star Matt Lanter on Wyatt’s journey in season 2, hopes for season 3

Season 2 of Timeless may have ended with last night’s jam-packed finale, but the fight to save Timeless has been roaring along since and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Which is just fine with Timeless star Matt Lanter who’s seen the outpouring of support from the fans and, if my conversation with him is any indication, is both amazed and humbled by all the passion behind the #RenewTimeless movement.

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So, the last 24-48 hours have been crazy for you, huh?

It has been crazy. [We were] trending at #1 for five or seven hours or something like that. Definitely bigger than anything we’ve done before social media-wise.

The whole future Lucy/future Wyatt thing…it’s just been such an explosive and fun way to end the season…it’s fun to get it out and be able to talk with friends and family and share with the fans.

How do you think Wyatt’s changed over season 2 specifically?

I thought at the end of season one he was making a lot of progress as far as letting go of the demons…his attachments to his wife and all the events surrounding that. He was finally starting to let go. Then all of a sudden in season 2, [he’s] trying to get Lucy back, so he’s in a bad place of losing her again.

If we go to season 3 I want to see Wyatt have some fun. I just want to see Wyatt free and careless and have a good time. I felt like Wyatt took a big bulk of the drama…it kind of threw him in reverse in a way.

So I don’t know…It depends on where this would go into season three and what would happen with Jessica.

Did you want to stop me by the way?

No you’re answering questions I was going to ask you, so please.


It’s tough with Wyatt because he’s such a good guy at heart. He always wants to do the right thing by everybody he cares about and loves.

I would like to see him let go of the Jessica thing now, knowing logically she’s Rittenhouse. This is not the Jessica he knew. [Wyatt’s] got to come to the realization that it’s not Jessica. I think if he can let that go, his allegiance and heart and energy goes back into the team and back into Rufus and back into Lucy. Who knows, maybe into Flynn one day. His loyalty and his loves for these people. He’s gotta let the Jessica thing go.

A lot happened over the course of the finale. Wyatt finds out about Jessica, Rufus was upset with him because of Jiya, then Rufus dies, and now he’s messed things up with Lucy. What does it mean to him to see future Wyatt show up with Lucy by his side? Where was he before that upgraded Lifeboat showed up and where was he after?

That’s a great question. When I was doing that scene with Abby, when I said “I love you” to her, I didn’t even look at her. Because I felt like, in that moment, Wyatt is so broken and so not worthy, that he [isn’t] strong enough to look at her and say with passion or with strength “I love you.” These words are gonna come out of my mouth and you don’t even need to respond because I’m not deserving of a response.

So yeah, to see him come out of the lifeboat looking very strong and grizzled and in a good enough place with Lucy to still be kicking butt and taking names and traveling in time, it is cool. [You realize] this guy is gonna bounce back. So how do we see him bounce back?

Clearly, things get turned around at some point. We’ll see.

I read that the hug in the finale wasn’t in the script. What was your reaction as an actor and what was Wyatt’s reaction? It’s always interesting when someone throws something at you in the middle of a scene. So I’m wondering how you reacted to that?

We had done several takes at that point of me just walking away or her just walking away. She came and hugged me and…the best thing you can do as an actor is just take the moment in. At that moment…the little barrier we had up with each other kind of melted away. Because we had been so at odds. I love that choice…It was just one of those things, you’re throwing punches and all of a sudden you embrace for ten seconds.

I do remember I instinctively wanted to hug her back. And then she kind of broke and I sat there and stared at her and I was this close to kissing her. Because I just wasn’t sure. It was almost like that hug for Wyatt was an open door. Of forgiveness and love and warmth and comfort.

But I’m glad I didn’t because the very next scene cuts right to Wyatt in this touching moment with his wife. A very rare and normal moment for those two that we had.

It’s an interesting dichotomy to watch. That hug and then…it must be so hard to be him right now.

Yeah. I’m glad I didn’t kiss her. I’m glad we left Wyatt looking confused in that moment. Because he is.

Wyatt has this reticence about Flynn, and I’m wondering how much of that is actual distrust and how much is jealousy? Do you think Wyatt has a right to be jealous? You mentioned the possibility that Flynn and Wyatt could become friends.

I think definitely early on it was not trusting Flynn. Then I think as some of the moments with Flynn and Lucy came, I think there is jealousy in Wyatt.

To tell the truth, me as Matt, I hated that. I personally felt like he had enough going on with Jessica. So Goran and I and the writers were all working to make sure it still felt adult-like. [Because] this guy’s been through so much. He’s been through the death of his wife, he’s been in the battlefield, he’s watched guys die in his arms.

I think some of [what] we think was jealously was also just protectiveness. If your sister or brother or anyone was fraternizing or socializing or dating an enemy or a murderer or some criminal wouldn’t you be like, “What are you doing?”. I’m not saying it wasn’t there, but also there’s a lot of, just, “Hello, don’t be stupid here.”

Speaking as someone who was busy yelling at Wyatt for his jealousy, I can totally see where Matt was coming from and it does put things more in perspective. One of the best things about Timeless is the time it takes to actually deal with the ramifications of fighting Rittenhouse and trying to save the world and keep everyone safe at the same time. That’s a lot to deal with and Timeless actually deals with it.

On a larger scale, the entire conversation makes me want to see what happens next; to Wyatt, to Lucy, to Jiya and Flynn and everyone else. How do we get Rufus back? Where have Flynn and Lucy been? When in the everloving heck does Flynn get Lucy’s journal?

The only way we get those answers is if NBC decides to renew Timeless and that, my friends is all about numbers.

What remains to be seen is which numbers are going to matter most.

According to Sony, Timeless trended #1 in the U.S. and #2 worldwide for several hours yesterday during both the East Coast and West Coast airings.

Sony also says that as of 9 am on May 14, Twitter confirmed 304,852 mentions of #Timeless and 121,206 mentions of #RenewTimeless in the last 24 hours.

So keep it up, Clockblockers. Those are some pretty impressive numbers but I’ll bet we can get them higher.

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