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The ‘Timeless’ season 2 finale is proof that it needs a third season

It’s probably ironic to say a show about time travel needs more time, but Timeless is currently “on the bubble” at NBC.

The same fans who willed season two into existence are willing that bubble to rise instead of pop with the passion of little kids clapping and chanting, “I DO believe in fairies”. My guess is that clapping and chanting is about to get a lot louder because, boy, did the Timeless season two finale deliver.

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(Spoilers ahead. Lots of ’em.)

So. Many. Tears.

The last 10 minutes of the last episode were so powerful and emotional, I just ugly cried through most of it. Claudia Doumit’s stellar performance is a definite standout, but how do you even begin to process Lucy’s loss of her family, Wyatt’s guilt and the loss of Jessica, the “I love you” we’ve all been waiting to hear but came just a tad too late. The confusion and pain of everyone in that bunker as they try to process everything that just happened.

I didn’t want Jiya to be right about her vision. And it was absolutely heartwrenching to watch everyone mourn him, But, I truly believe he’s not going to stay dead. (More on that later)

The Oh SHIT! moments

Jessica IS Rittenhouse. Willingly. Like, she considers them family and she’s willing to hurt the people Wyatt cares about. (BTW, I don’t think she’s pregnant no matter what she says, but YMMV.)

Emma killed both Carol Preston and Nicholas Keynes because, well, no one puts Emma in a corner, I guess?

Jiya’s a self-rescuing princess! She also speaks Klingon, takes a gorgeous old time photo, deals a mean hand of poker, takes no crap, and is willing to live out her life in the 1800’s if it means keeping Rufus safe.

Harriet Tubman was hardcore, y’all. And those visions she mentions? Historical fact. Tubman’s visions started after she suffered a traumatic head injury and, while it’s hard to say if it was the injury or premonitions, Tubman considered them visions from God and those visions guided her instincts throughout her life and freed a lot of slaves.

Why we need a season three

If Jessica’s been a sleeper all this time, why mention her brother? Wouldn’t she have known that her brother died in Wyatt’s timeline? Or, does Rittenhouse have a weakness because, just like the Time Team, once time changes, they remember the events of the new timeline unless they’re in the Lifeboat at the time. That means there’s a way to trip them up.

Carol was right about one thing, something’s up with Emma. Whatever Emma wants, it’s not what Rittenhouse wants, at least not the Rittenhouse Carol envisioned––and what happens now that Emma’s killed two key members of Rittenhouse? How is she going to explain that? I sense there’s someone we haven’t met yet. I want to meet whoever that is.

Who is Stanley Fisher? It would be easy to think that Stanley Fisher was brought into this episode simply to teach Jiya more about her abilities, but something about the way Connor said goodbye to him makes me wonder. We know Fisher was the first pilot in the program, but could he also have been Mason’s partner? What’s the history there?

I need more Garcia Flynn being the snarktastic voice of reason. I may not be in love with Wyatt’s whole jealousy thing considering he’s got no right to be jealous, but Goran Visnjic is a friggin’ GIFT.

We now know that Carol deliberately did something that, in essence, traded Amy’s life for hers. That means we can get Amy back, right? And what happens if that happens? Talk about a ripple effect. Plus, Carol said Lucy can take Rittenhouse if she just reaches for it. That could change a whole lot, including the future of Rittenhouse and its mission.

It’s so obvious that Flynn’s in love with Lucy. Is he infatuated with the girl in the journal or was there a relationship we still know nothing about?

I expect Wyatt to be a fighter, but Lucy was all kinds of badass in that last fight with Emma. More of that, please. Lucy’s been growing all throughout the season, but something’s clicked with her and I’m super curious to see where it leads.

Why we have hope even if we never find out what happens next

Flynn mentioned it earlier in the episode, but future Lucy and Wyatt sealed the deal. Everything that’s happened can be changed because Lucy and Wyatt are time traveling back into their old timeline (in a shiny new Lifeboat and looking like they just came out of Tomb Raider and Uncharted) and that means they can go back and change events that would normally be set in stone.

In other words, Rufus only stays dead if you let him and who’s gonna do that?

Lucy and Wyatt are still partners and, let’s just say it, they look pretty companionable. Wyatt may have messed up with Lucy in the present, but Lyatt shippers can imagine potential outcomes to their heart’s content.

All of that said, I’m crossing everything and lighting all the candles that we get those answers because Timeless gets picked up.

Tidbits and randomness

– Rhett Butler. Love it.

– Rufus and Connor’s reaction to getting the Lifeboat back up and running. Heart squish.

– “Y’know what her one great regret was? That she didn’t indoctrinate me earlier into her evil cult.” Talk about a hard truth. Lucy’s been through it and then some.

– The world needs more Connor Mason and Agent Christopher together time.

– “That was, like, better than the speech in Rudy.”

– Can we please have more epic fights in period dresses between Emma and Lucy?

– Beardy Wyatt or non-beardy Wyatt? Tweet me and tell me your thoughts.

One last thing

I don’t know if the Timeless season two finale is the last episode we’ll get but everyone involved with this show created a finale that works as both a goodbye and a bridge for a new season. Maybe that’s because Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke knew they’d already been given one reprieve from cancellation before this season ever started so they were able to craft an ending that worked no matter the outcome, but it’s always nice to get some sort of closure on a series you love instead of being left with nothing but lingering questions.

If we have to say goodbye, I’m glad we know Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya, and everyone else on the Time Team have a real chance at making things right. But fingers crossed Timeless gets another season. It’s earned one and the fans aren’t going to let this go without a fight.

I hope we get to do this next season, Clockblockers. Thanks for reading and being the awesome fans you are.

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