11:00 am EDT, May 11, 2018

Interview: ‘Timeless’ EP Shawn Ryan on the season 2 finale, potential third season

As Timeless fans sit anxiously refreshing their browsers and crossing all possible appendages in hopes of a third season renewal, rest assured that Timeless co-creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan is right there on pins and needles waiting for news just like you are.

I spoke with Shawn Ryan by phone this week and it was clear he’s certainly hoping Timeless can keep on time traveling. He also knows just how much the fans have done to help Timeless become one of TV fans’ favorite shows.

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Thanks so much for the time. I appreciate it. I know we’re coming up on the finale. What else can fans do to save Timeless?

I mean to be completely honest, I think fans have done everything they can. We’ve been doing everything we can behind the scenes to fight for the show, stuff that doesn’t show up on social media. A lot of these decisions will come down to economics and other things but we should have an idea fairly soon.

Do you already have season three planned out?

So far we have what I would call notions of season 3. We did talk somewhat about season three in order to properly end the season to the way that we needed. So we definitely know some directions and notions for Season 3 but that comes down to really getting the writers room back up and running. Once there’s a pickup.

A year ago at this time, we had a lot of notions for season 2, some of which we’ve used and others that we ultimately abandoned and improved upon. So you always want to have a direction that you’re going in but you also want to have the ability to change when a better idea comes along.

Is there anything you can tease about the season finale?

It’s a two-part finale that we originally planned to film as two separate episodes, but the network became interested in putting it together into a two-hour finale. The fans will get to go to two different time periods in the finale….it’s incredibly intense and everything comes to a head and no one’s safe, I guess, is how I would put it. There have been some advance reviews and people [are] very emotional about the finale. I think if you liked the first eight episodes of the season… the finale will feel very appropriate to you.

The season finale sets up Season 3 but also works as a series finale if it has to…

Well, we’ll see. It’s certainly not my hope. I’m going to continue on…preparing for future episodes. There is a decent degree of closure in the finale..should that fate befall us, I would be super proud of the 26 we made…and feel like it’s a watchable experience from beginning to end. Having said that there are some things raised in the finale that we would love to expand upon and deal with in season three.

It’s a tough business. I’m not naive. We’ve always had shows that were critically acclaimed that were canceled. But there’s something I think at the heart of our show that is inherently optimistic despite putting our characters through Job-like exercises. And so when it comes to the show, especially considering what happened last year with the cancellation and a surprise pick up, I try to stay optimistic about the show.

It’s all about numbers right now — We hope NBC considers these

Timeless has people’s attention. Per Sony, here are a couple powerful statistics.

The #RenewTimeless hashtag was mentioned on Twitter 54,478 times on Sunday. That’s more uses than it had driven in all of 2018 to date. Heck, on Sunday alone, #Timeless was mentioned 81,387 times on Twitter and spiked to #2 in the U.S. in Trending Topics.

Also, fun to note, singer Kelly Clarkson is a HUGE Timeless fan and she’s even a shipper!

So, if you’re reading, NBC, Timeless fans are everywhere and they’re watching; live, streaming, DVR, online and off. We hope you’ll give Timeless more time. No one’s really ready to say goodbye.

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