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‘Scream’ season 4: Release date, predictions, cast, what’s next

Now that Scream season 3 has finally aired, what are the chances we’ll get a Scream season 4? Here’s everything we know so far.

Scream season 3 was, appropriately, a long and torturous road for fans of the series. Following season 2, we learned the next installment of the TV show based off the popular movie franchise was going to change directions. The Lakewood Six would be left behind for a different town, a different set of characters, and a different mask.

That news didn’t settle well with those who had grown to care about Emma, Audrey, Noah, and the rest. But, still, the show would live on, which is kind of the whole deal with horror franchises, right? They keep coming back.

But then the show went radio silent. They had finished filming Scream season 3 in November of 2017 with the intention of having it premiere in March 2018. But March came and went, and we were left in the dark. This didn’t bode well for the possibility of Scream season 4, either.

It turns out, Scream was wrapped up in the fallout from the Weinstein Co.’s dissolution. Once that was solved, we finally got a release date, and soon after, the series premiered on VH1!

Season 3 aired all six episodes over the course of three continuous nights. The new season was somewhat contrived but ultimately entertaining, yet I don’t think anyone would say it was superior to the first two seasons, except perhaps in terms of diversity (which the show desperately needed).

‘Scream’ season 3 is now on Netflix

Despite all the back-and-forth that came with the premiere of season 3, Netflix has decided to stream Scream season 3 after all. It’s available now!

There was a solid ending to Scream season 3, but the show did leave the door cracked for Scream season 4 and beyond. Let’s break down what could be coming up next for the Scream TV show.

‘Scream’ season 4 release date

As of right now, there has been no mention of a Scream season 4 release date. MTV has not said they’ll bring the series back for another season. They could be waiting to see how the series landed with fans, or they could be waiting to see if a Scream season 4 script would be worth putting into production.

On average, Scream season 3 did better than Scream season 2 in terms of overall viewership, but it also had fewer episodes and aired over just a few days instead of a couple months. This higher concentration of episodes means viewers were more likely to hang in through to the end than they would have otherwise. Season 3 is rated at about 6.5 stars on IMDb.

The likelihood of getting Scream season 4 seems slim due to the production delays with season 3, but there’s always a chance the studio and the team behind the series have been reinvigorated by this new direction. The Scream franchise still holds a position of power within pop culture and reboots are making combacks every day. There’s always hope.

‘Scream’ season 4 plot ideas

At the end of season 3, Deion and Liv share a quiet moment together before they head off in two different directions. It’s as happy of an ending as you can get in horror, and despite the secrets they still keep, you get the sense that these two are trying to make it work despite everything they’ve been through.

That cracked door I mentioned earlier comes in the form of a phone call from an unknown number. This is obviously meant to make us wonder if there’s another killer (copycat or otherwise) who’s trying to make Deion’s life a living hell. He ignored the call, but that doesn’t mean the problem will go away. If they wanted to, the team behind Scream could use this opportunity to set a new killing spree in motion.

But we wouldn’t even need to return to Deion’s story. At this point, Scream is poised to act as an anthology. We could follow different groups of people around, with the only connection being the infamous Ghostface mask. Another option would be to combine seasons 1 and 2 with season 3. Perhaps all our survivors (inexplicably) end up at the same college where more murders take place, forcing them to realize their connection and come together to solve yet another mystery.

‘Scream’ season 4 cast

As of right now, we don’t know who would be part of the Scream season 4 cast. If they decide to continue on with Deion’s story, it’s likely we’d see the following actors show up again:

  • RJ Cyler as Deion Elliot
  • Keke Palmer as Kym
  • Jessica Sula as Liv
  • Mary J. Blige as Sherry Elliot

If they decide to go back to Scream seasons 1 and 2, we may also see the following actors make a reprisal:

  • Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jensen
  • John Karna as Noah Foster
  • Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox
  • Santiago Segura as Gustavo Acosta

Only time will tell if we get a Scream season 4 and if any of these people will return to the series. Otherwise, we could be looking at a whole new cast of characters.

For more ‘Scream’ news

Be sure to stay on top of all the Scream season 4 news as it comes out! We’ll update this page if and when anything new is revealed. Until then, feel free to keep reliving the horrors of past seasons by rewatching old episodes and taking a deep dive into our reviews and feature articles.

Here’s to hoping Scream lives on in one form or another.

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