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‘Scream’ season 3 release date: Why the show’s been so delayed

Rumors had once circulated that Scream season 3’s release date was set for early 2018, but that plan has clearly fallen apart — and for legal reasons. Last updated March 2019.

Scream season 3 was first announced in October 2016. However, we later learned in April 2017 that season 3 would act as a reboot and bring in a new showrunner. In September, Tyler Posey joined the cast as filming got under way.

Although filming wrapped a few months later in November 2017, little information has come out since then. And as of March 2019, there still isn’t a release date. Here’s why!

Rumors circulating in August 2018 indicated that Scream season 3 could premiere in October 2018, although a formal announcement was never made. Notably, THR did confirm that MTV was planning on releasing Scream season 3’s six episodes over the course of three nights.

Meanwhile the show had, unfortunately, gotten caught up in legal drama. Lantern Entertainment had purchased The Weinstein Co. following scandal and bankruptcy, but several deals had to be renegotiated in the process.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix, who had previously streamed season 1 and two following their airing on MTV, wouldn’t have to stream Scream season 3.

Without the lucrative Netflix partnership, the release of season 3 anywhere is still up in the air. This is particularly frustrating when you consider that season 3 was shot over a year ago, and we still have no idea what’s going on. They’re hiding the season from us!

There are two possibilities for the holdup. One, MTV could be trying to renegotiate with Netflix or possibly find another streaming service to host the show after it airs on MTV. Two, with MTV going in a new direction, it’s possible the network is trying to figure out how the show will fit into their updated slate.

‘Scream’ season 3’s release date in doubt

Details about the season 3 release are scarce. When I chatted with Tyler Posey in October 2017, the cast had already been filming for about a week. The series was supposed to premiere sometime in March 2018, but now over a year later, we still have no word on when we’ll see the new season.

Scream season 3

Scream season 3 was supposed to reboot the entire franchise, bringing in a new set of kids, including Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey, and a whole new dynamic. While fans of the previous two seasons felt a bit jaded that the characters they had fallen in love with would be gone, it was clear that MTV was trying to pull out all the stops to breathe new life into the series.

Without knowing the exact details of the agreement to premiere Scream season 3, it’s hard to tell what kind of effect this will have on the show moving forward.

In addition to that, MTV has recently created their own studio — aptly named MTV Studios — which means they could potentially be looking for a new network for Scream season 3 to premiere on.

A change of networks would be a shame, as Scream is a good fit for the same platform that hosted Teen Wolf, but season 2’s falling numbers indicated fewer people were turning in for the series’ sophomore season. Then again, that could have less to do with interest and more to do with poor marketing.

As a fan of the first two seasons, and as someone who is tentatively looking forward to the next one, I hope MTV finds a good fit for this show. Even if this is the last season we’ll ever get, I’d rather see it get the attention it deserves instead of sitting in limbo for all of eternity.

As for the show’s plot, it’s very much still a mystery. What we do know is that Posey and Mary J. Blige are new cast members. The latter is joining Scream season 3 as Sherry Elliot, the mother of Deion Elliot (pictured below).

Scream season 3 release date

We will keep this article updated on Scream season 3’s release date, the plot, etc as more information comes available.

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