3:30 pm EST, January 8, 2016

‘Scream’ season 2 gets premiere date, to shoot in New Orleans

Production for Scream season 2 is officially underway. Pre-production began this week, and we now know when we can expect to see Audrey and the rest of the crew back on our TVs.

We learned back in July that we would be getting a season 2 for Scream, but now we have a premiere date. Mark your calendars for April 20, 2016 for the return of all your Lakewood teens. As to what we can expect to see when that premiere hits, that is a little more ambiguous.

Back in September, executive producer Jill Blotevogel shared that season 2 will likely focus on the search for the killer’s accomplice, but the show went and got itself a new pair of showrunners shortly after. We didn’t know exactly what the new showrunners had in store for our favorite Lakewood teens, but as the show is called Scream, odds are it wouldn’t be good.

Blotevogel, who has stayed on as a consultant, had this to share when recently asked by Entertainment Weekly about what we can expect from Scream season 2: “Noah (Karna) asks a very simple question that’s going to kick it all off, which is, ‘Who was the person behind the mask when Piper and Will were attacked?’ Yes, we’re definitely pointing you down a path, but the characters don’t know that. It’s such a fine line to balance. I’m just going to throw it out there: If you care about Audrey, you’ll care about what happens in season 2 and her mystery will definitely be the jumping off point.”

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It seems that all roads still point to season 2 having something to do with the search for the killer’s accomplice. We all know Audrey had some sort of role to play in Piper’s reign of terror, but we don’t know for sure that she was the assistant knife-wielding psycho.

We now also know that while Scream season 1 called Baton Rouge home, season 2 is moving a little, but they aren’t going far. New Orleans will be the backdrop for Scream season 2, so it should give a very similar air to the show that first season did.

We are very excited about season 2, and will be considering all the possibilities for Piper’s assistant. It could be Audrey, or it could be someone even sneakier, but we’ll definitely need an explanation for those last few moments in season 1 if Audrey is not the culprit.

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