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‘Scream’ episode 2 recap: See ya soon

Who can resist a murder selfie?

The second episode of MTV’s Scream aired earlier tonight. Read through our recap and discuss the episode with fellow Scream teamers!


Scream‘s second episode opens on the infamous video, this time focusing on all of the horrible comments. It soon becomes clear that Rachel, Audrey’s sorta-girlfriend, is the one stressing over the comments.

Rachel begins to cut herself with a razor blade when her phone rings and Audrey’s face shows up on her caller ID. The call is eerily distorted, and things get creepier when Audrey not only invites herself over, but says that she’s already in Rachel’s house.

Rachel’s lured onto the balcony and spots a rope looped around one of the posts. As she pulls the rest of the hanging rope onto the balcony, Ghostface runs up behind her and hangs her by throwing her over the balcony.

Scream Ghostface and Rachel

The next morning, the sheriff brings Noah into the police station to question him about his interest in the Brandon James case. Noah confesses to exchanging emails with Brandon James’ brother and trying to figure out who the victim was, but laments that he never got very far. Plus, none of his theories panned out anyway (or so he says).


Back at school, Jake notices red blood spatter-like splotches all over the parking lot pavement but soon discovers that it’s just red paint. Well, red paint that was used to paint the word “Doosh” (yes, spelled just like that) on his truck.

Across the parking lot, Noah and Audrey meet Piper Shaw, the podcaster behind “Autopsy of a Crime.” As the pair talks to Piper, Jake rushes over and accuses Noah of vandalizing his truck. Though Noah denies doing it as Jake roughs him up, he owns up to the act as soon as Jake walks away. (So that explains the red substance Noah smeared on his forehead at the end of the premiere!)

Will, Emma, and Kieran have an awkward standoff in the hallway when Will attempts to explain away his actions. Kieran out-intimidates Will, forcing Will to take a walk and saving Emma from any more unwanted awkwardness.


Suddenly, everyone in the school receives a text that says “Payback’s a bitch” with a gif of Nina’s bloody body floating behind Ghostface. This is the first time that anyone has seen the killer’s “face,” and Emma notes that the person is wearing the Brandon James mask.

Scream "Payback is a bitch" gif

Noah and Riley get their flirt on between classes, discussing the text and the killer. The conversation moves to Noah offering to help Riley with her mid-term project because he finished his. He made an app that lets him “tool around the universe from any mobile device, see the stars.” (Although, it could probably be used to do more than stargaze…)

Back in class, Noah dissects Ghostface’s motivations, noting that killing is not enough in this day and age. We’re in the age of sharing everything we do and Ghostface must be bored with keeping the details of his deeds to himself. Riley interrupts Noah with news that a girl from St. Mary’s died the night before. Audrey calls Rachel’s phone and Rachel’s mom answers, saying that she found Rachel hanging from her ceiling fan.

That afternoon, Emma’s working a shift at the local coffee shop where she meets Piper Shaw who tries to get information out of Emma about her father Kevin Duval, the sole survivor of the Brandon James attack (at least, that the media knew of). Emma shuts her down pretty quick.

Later, Emma is left to lock up for the night, alone. As she’s tossing the trash she notices a hooded figure in the dark alley with her before the coffee shop’s back door slams shut. The hooded figure starts walking toward her, giving her no indication of who he is.

Scream hooded figure

Emma runs away and practically runs into Will who says that he got her text to pick her up. The (not so) funny thing is that she never sent the text. Will’s weirdly calm about the mystery and, instead of trying to figure out what happened, he gets Emma to forgive him.

Back at the police station, Emma’s mom is examining Rachel’s body and remarks to the sheriff that Rachel’s injuries don’t make sense. Rachel’s snapped neck convinces her and the sheriff that Rachel’s death wasn’t a suicide.

Riley texts Noah, asking him to meet her on the football field. After Riley messes with Noah a bit, the two cuddle on a blanket in the middle of the field. As Noah attempts to invade Riley’s question about his virginity (which is probably going to come into play later), Riley goes in for a kiss and prompts a make-out session.

At the game, Emma tells Kieran about what happened with the creepy guy in the alley and Will. Kieran finds Will’s actions and timing suspicious (namely his asking for a favor while she was riled up in fear), causing Emma to doubt Will as well.

Scream phone call

After the game, Emma’s just relaxing in her living room when the security alarm goes off. Soon after, the phone rings and a worker at the security company calls to check on the situation. He asks for security code for what he says is verification (it’s “amethyst,” by the way).

Emma asks the caller to stay on the line with her as she waits for the police to show up but quickly becomes unnerved as he starts asking creepy questions. In fact, his questions are very similar to the “What’s your favorite scary movie?” scene in the first Scream movie. Anyway, he slips up by remarking how tired she looks, which immediately freaks Emma out. She’s forced to stay on the phone with the caller as he tells her that everyone is lying to her and playing her, family and friends included. He also mentions her “whore of a mother” and how everything started with her but will end with Emma before giving her a creepy “See ya soon” and hanging up.

What did you think of the second episode of ‘Scream’?

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