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Meet the characters of MTV’s ‘Scream’

Here’s a brief introduction to the characters who are sure to make you Scream.

MTV’s new slasher drama Scream debuts a week from today, which means this is the perfect time to introduce you to the characters hoping to update the horror genre.

Scream wouldn’t be Scream without some cannon fodder, so the character list is pretty extensive. Good luck to those below, and here’s hoping you’ll survive the season!

The synopsis reads, “After a cyber-bullying incident results in a brutal murder, the shocking violence stirs up memories of a killing spree from the past that has haunted some, intrigued others, and maybe just inspired a new killer. A group of teens — with two old friends struggling to reconnect at its heart – become lovers, enemies, suspects, targets, and victims of a killer who’s out for blood.”

Bella Thorne playing Nina Patterson


Nina Patterson is the Queen Bee-yoch of GWHS, ruling her kingdom with a designer iron fist. Even her best friend Brooke describes her as “A spoiled sociopath with no impulse control.” So, not exactly someone you want to be frenemies with. For years, Nina relentlessly bullied Audrey, Noah, and a score of other underlings at GWHS. And now, well… karma’s a bitch. On the night a viral video was uploaded, she was murdered by a killer in a mask, and it’s likely her death kicks off the entire series. Even though she may be the first one on the chopping block, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve seen the last of her.

Willa Fitzgerald playing Emma Duval


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The Good Girl. Emma is the peacemaker of her popular group. This might be due, at least in part, to Emma’s father walking out on her and her mother years ago. It’s been a rough road back to normalcy, but Emma is resilient and always tries to look for the good in people — something the killer takes advantage of.

Bex Taylor-Klaus playing Audrey Jesen


A strong-minded and fearless individual whose brash attitude sometimes gets her into trouble. Audrey is a social outsider at GWHS, a creative outcast who’s doing her best to be herself while pursuing her dream of being a filmmaker. She’s also figuring out her sexuality, which leads to a romantic tryst with another girl… and a cyber-bullying incident that kicks the whole story off.

John Karna playing Noah Foster


Prodigy and a boy genius who worships at the altar of all things nerd. When Noah’s not working his after school job at the local comic shop, or hacking the servers at CERN just for shits and giggles, he’s obsessing over video games, anime, and above all else, horror movies. But he doesn’t stop there. Noah has been fascinated with true-crime documentaries and serial killer lore ever since he was a kid, giving him insight and perspective on the events happening in Lakewood… maybe even a little too much?

Connor Weil playing Will Belmont


Thoughtful, earnest and charming Will Belmont is grade-A boyfriend material, or at least Emma certainly thinks so. Will and Emma have been dating seriously for over a year. But Emma’s faith is tested one too many times. When Will lets her down and Kieran comes to town, a love triangle forms.

Carlson Young playing Brooke Maddox


Nina’s second-in-command and heir apparent to her pink Prada throne. Always ready with biting commentary, Brooke appears to be a stereotypical mean-girl, but unlike Nina, Brooke is fiercely loyal to her friends… and for good reason. They’re effectively the only family she’s got. Her father, Quinn Maddox, is Lakewood’s mayor and classic emotional black hole, while her jet-setting mom is perennially MIA.

Amadeus Serafini playing Kieran Wilcox


A mysterious charismatic loner. He’s the new guy in town, but he has no interest in joining the popular group, despite the fact that he and Emma have an instant chemistry. We also know from casting descriptions released earlier that Kieran moved to Lakewood because his mother and stepdad died in a car accident three weeks prior. He is somewhat reluctantly forced to live with his dad, who is Sheriff Hudson.

Tom Maden playing Jake Fitzgerald


Handsome and athletic, Jake is Will’s well-muscled wing man, who’s also on the basketball team. Jake has a wry humor that can turn crass sometimes; he’s got a crush on Brooke but seems to take her careless rejection of him in stride. Jake likes to play pranks, especially when he’s at a party and drinking too much, but it’s possible that one of Jake’s “pranks” went too far.

Brianne Tju playing Riley Marra


A gorgeous “ditz” who may be deeper, smarter and have more eclectic interests than is first apparent, Riley is a member in good standing of the popular group that includes Brooke, Will, Emma and Jake. Unlike the classic popular kids, Riley doesn’t mind going beyond the clique if she finds someone with whom she connects.

Bobby Campo playing Seth Branson


A hot English teacher at Lakewood High who has an easy charm and is clearly one of the “cool” teachers, who can go with it if a lesson plan gets a little off-track.

Amelia Rose Blaire playing Piper Shay


The smart, quirky host of a wildly popular podcast who comes to town to investigate the recent deaths.

Bryan Batt playing Quinn Maddox


Mayor of Lakewood and father to the popular girl Brooke Maddox.

Jason Wiles playing Sheriff Clark Hudson

We may not have images yet for the following characters, but it sounds like they will have big parts to play within the series. After a stint in the military and a messy divorce, Sheriff Hudson started over in the quaint, quiet community of Lakewood. He’s a good cop but quickly feels overwhelmed as bodies start dropping. His job is made harder by pressure from the mayor to solve the latest murders before Lakewood loses its status as “a great place to live and invest.​​​”

Tracy Middendorf playing Maggie Duval

Margaret “Maggie” Duval is Emma’s mother and Lakewood’s medical examiner. She’s worked hard to develop a close relationship with her daughter, but it hasn’t been easy since Emma’s father, Kevin Duval left them years ago. Though she’s happy to have found love with Sheriff Clark Hudson, Maggie hesitates to tell Emma, especially when a mysterious stalker from her past returns.

MTV’s ‘Scream’ will debut Tuesday, June 30, at 9 p.m. ET.

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