NATWP Podcast

Episode #73 – ’14 Bonnie & Clyde

Hosted by Natalie Fisher and Donya Abramo

July 28, 2014

Donya joins Natalie this week as they cover the explosive events of Teen Wolf season 4 episode 5, “I.E.D.”

Featured Song: Love Hurt Bleed by Gary Numan

– Karen abandons us for Comic-Con. SIGH…
– There’s lots of stuff we’re jealous we’re missing.
– Donya shares some details about her Wolfsbane adventures.
– Then we jump into the episode and share our favorite quotes!
– We notice how Derek is a bit freer with himself. It’s nice. Real nice.
– We’ve decided that Derek and Kira need to body swap.
– Mason is lovely and he has one of the best reveals showing he’s gay.
– Why was the yellow eyed werewolf reciting the same mantra as Demarco?
– So much love for the CSI Recap montage.
– It’s REALLY important that Derek is worth 15 million!
– Seeing Lydia’s grief this season is really powerful.
– Lydia doesn’t want someone to replace Allison, so maybe that’s why she’s pushing Malia away.
– VIOLET GIRL – Why you need so much money???
– Are the Yukimuras going to help to fight with the team?
– Mason and Liam ARE SO CUTE AND NATURAL TOGETHER. They have to be long term besties.
– Scott is a weird, hot, dad. We’re here for it.
– We’re so so proud of the mentor Derek has become.
– What is Kate’s place in all this mess?
– Is Malia really that worried about her name being on the list?
– Will Lydia find herself mentally unwell like Meredith eventually?
– YO Benefactor – How you finding all these supernatural peeps?
– Stiles is 150% done with everyone and everything.
– Would the bite heal mental illness? For example Liam’s I.E.D.
– Natalie thinks Parrish is a banshee.
– Malia remembers numbers can equal letters. TEAM MATH!!!
– **JORDAN** PARRISH!!!!!!!!
– Violet loves the killing – And we’re not sure she’ll ever be redeemable.
– Why didn’t Scott smell Brett on the field?
– Who’s the third name? WHO IS IT???? Maybe it’s someone who hasn’t died yet!!
– Jen Lynch is the coolest director ever.
– Do we think Kate genuinely wanted the triskele.
– Derek is losing his werewolf powers and we’re really sad for him ;___;
– We don’t think Chris is going back to the old code – He’s just been backed into a corner.
– Could Araya be Chris or Victoria’s mom?
– Donya and Natalie are very into the idea of Parrish and Lydia.
– Then we accidentally get a little side tracked about shipping and characters sexual preferences.
– We go over the Benefactor’s list with the help of a very nice meta, and make our Benefactor predictions as to who they could be.
– Lastly, we cry some more about missing Comic-Con because of Brook’s atrocious Non Sequitur.

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