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Episode #72 – Grandma Was A Banshee

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

July 16, 2014

Join Natalie and Karen as they discuss the twists and turns of Teen Wolf season 4 episode 4, “The Benefactor.”

Featured Song: “Hell Yeah!” by Tiësto and Showtek

– For our favorite quotes, we examine two very different sides of Stiles’s nogitsune experience.
– A general shout-out to the return of Derek’s hilarious personality this episode.
– Also, he’s Batman to Sheriff’s Gordon, apparently. Has even Stilinski given up on Deaton’s usefulness?
– Do werewolves report normal crimes to the police?
– Scott is handling the Liam situation so badly. We’re kind of surprised.
– But we also kind of love it.
– Peter got an axe to the chest – were we worried he was a goner?
– You may have seen our lovely exclusive set pictures showing off bloody Peter.
– We’re curious about the Mute’s personality. Shame he’s… you know.. dead.
– Bondage aside, Stiles and Malia have a strange but solid partnership.
– Kira and Lydia seem to be growing as friends – is this difficult for Lydia?
– We are introduced to the lakehouse, where the pack’s been hanging out on full moons recently.
– Scott, using Derek’s tactic towards the newly Bitten is the worst possible idea. How are you so bad at this? Did we take this seriously in Teen Wolf season 1?
– Kira’s failed vixen is adorable. Will Liam harbor any sort of crush in future?
– Is Derek getting too close to Peter? They’re a pretty solid unit – does Derek trust him?
– Liam’s anger issues are.. quite intense. The message on his teacher’s car seems important.
– Is Liam headed in the direction we expected?
– Scott’s really not pulling out any Alpha powers to get Liam under control. Why?
– Parrish is going to know something is up pretty soon – if he doesn’t already. Also, he’s not allowed to die.
– Is there room for Deputy Derek on the Beacon Hills Police Force?
– Lydia’s attitude towards hosting parties has definitely changed.
– There’s a few big surprises here – Garrett and Violet, the beer delivery werewolf, what?
– Lydia’s grandma had a soundproof listening room? Is this a banshee thing?
– We see Malia’s transformed face for the first time – we kinda like it.
– Peter sure did some violent killing this episode. He seemed pretty caught up in it. Hmm.
– Chris Argent’s back! While finding himself in Europe, he also found a beard!
– No but really, he’s changed so much and is utterly supportive of Scott. How lovely.
– Who is the Benefactor? Why is the password for the Benefactor’s code “Allison?” Is this as obvious as it seems? What the hell is going on?
– The Dead Pool – who’s the lady worth 500 (points? dollars? huh?) – even True Alpha Scott is only 250.
– Karen borrows a moment from the Wolfsbane Convention for this week’s Non Sequitur – we’re talking favorite and least favorite words.
– Next week might be a bit of an odd episode because Karen will be off gallivanting at Comic Con!

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