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Episode #71 – Frozen TV Dinners

Hosted by Natalie and Karen, with special guest Danielle

July 8, 2014

Natalie and Karen are joined by Hypable’s Danielle Zimmerman to discuss Teen Wolf season 4 episode 3, “Muted.”

Featured Song: “Dibby Dibby Sound” by DJ Fresh VS Jay Fay

– We introduce our first guest host for season 4 – Danielle!
– You may remember her from such podcast experiences as Indy PopCon.
– This week, on Teen Wolf, lacrosse is really, really back. In a big way. It’s so back.
– Natalie’s got a pretty important new crossover ship that she needs some help with.
– What’s gonna happen to Sean’s blood-covered cat? We have an idea.
– Just get a freaking job, Peter.
– We return to a semblance of normalcy at Beacon Hills High School.
– We meet new characters Garrett and Liam – what do we think of them so far?
– We know how important Liam is to Scott – we theorize about how that’s gonna go down in future episodes.
– We also meet Liam’s lovely step-dad! Will he find out about the supernatural?
– Was the muted man feeding himself through a neck tube? Downloading information? What? Ew.
– “So… back to lacrosse.”
– Kira and lacrosse – we discuss the real-life scenarios of mixed boys and girls sports teams. It’s feasible!
– We still love the Yukimura family home life – don’t move away!
– We explain the whole Braeden putting on her clothes thing. No, she and Derek didn’t hook up… yet.
– Why is Derek so hung up about the eye thing? Isn’t it a good thing?
– Will we ever hear current-Derek talk about Paige or his past?
– Kira and Scott sort themselves out and do some kissing: yay or nay?
– NEW SHIP ALERT – Lydia/Parrish TRU LUV 4EVA.
– The couple that discovers murder basements together, stays together.
– The screaming faces in the wood grain return. What even is this?
– Malia and Stiles – we’re starting to see how they fit. It was always going to be a hard sell, but it’s working nicely so far.
– Lydia thinks she’s writing math notes but she’s actually writing mute code.
– Will her distorted reality ever become (more) dangerous?
– So, Sean eats people.
– We talk about our different encounters with wendigo mythology and what the appearance of one in Teen Wolf means for the range of creatures on the show.
– We don’t quite hate the muted man? He might not be a villain, exactly.
– The wendigo plays a big part in the end result of Scott biting Liam at the hospital. What did we think of the moment of turning?
– We think the mute is working off a supernatural hit list – if so, why did he kill Sean and leave Scott?
– We read out a fantastic letter from a listener of ours who’s a teacher, addressing the sad reality of unsocialized children in school. Malia’s situation is awful, but more realistic than you’d think.
– Next week’s episode, we meet The Benefactor. So far we’re all agreed on one thing: he has nice shoes.
Brook prepared an great article on how TV ratings work and how they affect Teen Wolf.
– We turn the reins of non sequitur over to Danielle this week!

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