NATWP Podcast

Episode #70 – What Fools We Be

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

July 2, 2014

Natalie and Karen are back to discuss Teen Wolf season 4, episode 2, titled, “117.”

Featured Song: “We Are Young” by Fun.

-What did we think of this episode?
-Natalie has a lot of feelings about Deaton’s lack of abilities.
-Peter is a drama queen.
-Also, he’s super manipulative.
-Does the triskelion mean something more than what was shown in this episode?
-Nat thinks the gas station owner looks like Tony Abbott and didn’t feel bad that he died.
-Why did Lydia decide to stay with Derek?
-Do we care about Agent McCall?
-We love Malia so much.
-Will the scratches have more of a significance later on?
-Is there an explanation for why Malia isn’t completely screwed up?
-Derek visits his torn down house and it gives us feelings.
-That scene in the police station with Sheriff Stilinski was amazing.
-Why did Scott lie to Derek about his family?
-Young Derek is so sassy.
-We love how they show Lydia’s powers working.
-What does Peter think about Malia now that they’ve met?
-We really need to know how old the werewolves are.
-Karen forgets to talk about the dinner scene with Agent McCall, but Nat reels her in.
-We’re SO GLAD this show is funny again.
-How long have the Hales been in Beacon Hills?
-The Berzerkers are so cool!
-We talk about the thing that no one wants to talk about.
-Was there supposed to be a parallel between Allison’s death and Kira fighting the Berzerkers?
-Nat’s quitting the show, btw.
-Will Malia be turned into a Berzerker?
-How did Derek turn back into his older self?
-We tell another set story involving Tyler Hoechlin.
-Who’s the guy with the shoes?
-Why are Derek’s eyes yellow? We…have no idea.
-Why was teenaged Derek in Mexico so often?
-Could Allison’s death be Kate’s anchor?

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