NATWP Podcast

Episode #69 – Slow Cooker

Hosted by Karen Rought, Natalie Fisher and Meagan Tandy

June 24, 2014

Ermerrgaaahhd it’s time for the Teen Wolf season 4 premiere! Join Karen and Natalie as the celebrate they new season with a very extra-special guest!

Featured Song: “Without Me” by Eminem

– It’s here! It’s time! It’s season 4!
– Hey, did you notice our new intro voice? Because we have a surprise for you…
– But before that, let’s recap the episode.
– Oh, fave quotes section. How we have missed you.
– Guess what? We still love to laugh at Derek.
– The cinematography in this episode is pretty special.
– Natalie accidentally goes on a rant about Stydia haters. Oops.
– What’s the deal with the Japanese mafia money?
– Teen Wolf sure does love its rave scenes. Should there be more rave scenes? Someone thinks there should.
– How did we feel about the intro scenes of the new pack?
– We attempt to deal with and rationalise the things Malia Knows, and the things she Does Not Know.
– Scott’s introduction in season 4 is so freaking cool.
– The Dark Moon is a time for grief.
– Derek and Malia are cousins! We hadn’t really put this together.
– Derek isn’t aware either, because he’s in a cobwebby coma.
– We question why each pack member cared about saving Derek.
– Sadly, it’s probs because.. well.. Who else is gonna rescue him?
– Are the Calaveras bad guys? And what kind of Alpha IS Scott?
– Is he a Steve Rogers Alpha?
– Shout-out to Malia’s crazy hair. Also, where’s she at, power-wise? Her control isn’t great, yet.
– Does she still want to go back to full-time coyote?
– Is Stiles her anchor? And was that kiss their first since Eichen House, or part of an ongoing thing?
– The old crew have to give the newbies the 101 on the whole Kate situation.
– Braeden’s back, back again. Braeden’s back, tell a friend.
– Natalie fails at Spanish.
– How long have the Calaveras been trying to recapture Kate? And was torture really necessary to get Scott involved?
– You know who they should have called for help? Chris Argent.
– We’re very anxious about Roscoe being broken.
– Braeden makes Scott do a DTR on the whole Kira situation. We talk about how he might be feeling, and talk about this fantastically upsetting Tumblr post regarding mourning Allison.
– Whatever Kate’s done to Derek, it definitely expands the mythology of the Teen Wolf universe.
– Karen’s officially requesting that the mythology be further expanded to include her favorite Disney friend.
– There’s a big-ass tooth thing stuck in the Jeep. Now, who does that belong to?
– Malia comes back for Stiles. How nice of her. That seems intense. What exactly is going on there?
– We guess the destruction of a beautiful ancient relic is worth the saving of Derek. We guess.
– Umm, so a thing has happened to Derek. How. Why. Wahhh.
– Is it just his body that has changed, or his mind/memory as well? Imagine if it’s adult present-day Derek in that body.
– He’s gonna be so pissed.
– We need this to be a thing.
– Next week’s episode, “117,” involves some stuff we saw on set – we can reveal more in our next podcast!
– We talk recurring dreams in our Non Sequitur Section.
– We say goodbye.
– We immediately say hello again to freaking MEAGAN TANDY!
– Yeah, we snuck around behind your backs on this one.
– Listen to our interview with Meagan where she tells us all about what it’s been like to return as Braeden for Teen Wolf season 4 – she’s in nine episodes! We talk about the technicalities of filming in the desert, men with wigs on, jagwenches, the scarring process, headcanons on Braeden’s past, her opinion of Deucalion, her new bosses Derek and Peter Hale, conventions and fandom interactions, Dylan O’Brien’s future Academy Award, and how Jeff gave her the best compliment an actor can receive.
– We also manage to prise out a little information about where Braeden will be going this season, and what her inner life is like. Is she just a cold hard badass, or are there any feelings in there?
– Is there room for Braeden to stick around on Teen Wolf – providing she doesn’t die horribly, of course?

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