12:27 pm EDT, August 10, 2018

Report: ‘Shadowhunters’ fails to find new home per production company

The hunt appears to be over. In a new statement from Constantin Film, this iteration of Shadowhunters will end its run on Freeform.

With filming wrapping up at the start of August, the Freeform backed production of Shadowhunters reaches its end. For months since the initial announcement that the series would no longer continue on the network, fans held out hope that someone, somewhere would pick up the series.

But it appears that the price tag on the show and the need for international support fell flat on the negotiation side. In a statement from Constantin Film, a production company of the series, “it’s not possible for this version of Shadowhunters to continue.”

The full statement is here:

With principal photography on Shadowhunters now drawn to a close, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the indefatigable effort and dedication our brilliant EPs and writing staff, stellar cast, and talented crew brought to every episode of the show. We also offer our sincere gratitude and thanks to our partners, Freeform and Netflix, who helped make this show possible. Our deep thanks and respect also goes to Cassandra Clare, the author upon whose work our beloved series is based, and whose entertaining and deeply meaningful books have touched millions of lives in positive ways, proving that entertainment can truly make a difference in the world. It’s been an honor and a privilege.

To our loyal and vocal fans who put so much behind making the show the popular series that it became, we extend our deepest thanks for your enduring support. The outpouring from the fandom from the start, and since the announcement of the show’s cancellation has indelibly touched all of us involved. We’re so grateful to have gone on this journey with you. Regrettably for all involved, Shadowhunters must come to an end. While we are trying to figure out new ways and new incarnations in which to bring the Shadow World to fans worldwide, we are sad to say that after many efforts by all parties involved, it’s not possible for this version of Shadowhunters to continue.

Therefore until the next phase, please join us for the final chapter of Shadowhunters when the last 12 episodes air next Spring, 2019 on Freeform in the U.S., and Netflix in the rest of the world. We can’t imagine sending the show off without you, our precious fans, there to say, “Hail and farewell,” with us.

This is quite the blow to the fan-driven campaigns that appeared to picking up steam in the last few weeks. From airplane banners to subways ads, fundraising efforts for charity, and maintaining a presence in and around Comic Con, the support for the show extended well beyond a Twitter hashtag.

Netflix picking up Lucifer only added fuel to the fire with Netflix VP of original content Cindy Holland commenting at TCA that they receive upwards of 100 emails per day just in regards to Shadowhunters fourth season.

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Unfortunately, this statement feels like the final nail in the coffin for the Freeform series. There are still 12 episodes coming in 2019, including a two-hour finale for the show. Freeform doesn’t seem interested in promoting the series across its advertisements for their streaming services, but that doesn’t mean the numbers fail to matter.

Watch the new episodes live (if possible). Stream older episodes, continue promoting the series online. Will the series perform well in 2019? That’s up to the viewers who were always there and those who jump aboard in the coming months. This is a spectacular show. One that deserves to live on and tell these stories for many more seasons.

It’s hard to say whether this is a navigable detour or a permanent a dead end for the show. The cast has said their farewells and it looks like us fans need to prepare to do so as well.

Shadowhunters 3B will return to Freeform in 2019.

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