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‘Shadowhunters’ story arcs we want to see in 3B

Shadowhunters season 3B may not return until 2019, but we already know what we want to see the show tackle when it returns.

The end of season 3A sent Shadowhunters fans into a spiral of emotions. There was the dread of hiatus, the excitement of a character’s return, confusion over another’s disappearance, and ache over one more sacrifice.

But then the unthinkable happened. After what is arguably the best run of Shadowhunters episodes, Freeform cancelled the series and delayed the return of the backend of season 3 to an uncertain “Spring 2019” time slot.

Fans are processing their own disappointment in a variety of ways — social media campaigns, advertising over Netflix, raising money and more. And while the fans process and manage the outside factors affecting Shadowhunters, the writers and actors are preparing to return to address some internal details of the show.

This got us thinking — what does await these characters when they return in 3B? The first half of the season was heavy, dark and demanded a lot from each of our favorites. Not a single person made it to the other side unscathed, nor will they suddenly appear all shiny and new. The scars acquired in 3A, though some may be literally visible, will take some time to fade.

Our biggest wish for 3B is that there is time for these characters to process, reflect, repair, reconnect and come back stronger than ever. Here are our hopes for what’s to come when Shadowhunters returns.

5 story arcs we want to see in ‘Shadowhunters’ 3B

Magnus and Alec have an honest conversation about their future

These two will be the death of me. Season 2 and the first half of season 3 gave Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood all the room in the world to let their relationship blossom. But by the close of 3A, something still felt off. As if every conversation was full of half truths that satisfied the other for the time being, but never gave anyone complete relief.

Alec has been brutally honest with Magnus about his discomfort with the idea of planning a future with someone who has unlimited life to live. It comes with Alec’s very action and goal oriented mindset. There’s the first kiss, the first date, the first fight. But the in between of just coexisting, having a life together is where things get shaky.

malec shadowhunters season 3B

While Alec dealt with the pressures of the Institute and making a home, Magnus tried to quell Alec’s eager expectations and deal with the fallout of his actions from season 2. Losing his position as High Warlock is yet another result of getting involved with the plights of the Shadow World. Would it be easier for him to walk away?

Possibly, but Alec and his other relationships with the Shadow World mean too much to him. Plus, Alec is clearly committed to his life (which includes Magnus) in New York. He did turn down that job in Idris!

Finding the right balance of emotions proved to be anything but easy for either of them in 3A. As we march towards 3B, we’re about to enter trickier territory. Magnus Bane has returned from Edom without his magic. Alec will have to wade through the fallout of Jace’s stint as the Owl, including the image of Jace attempting to kill him, in addition to helping Magnus through this next phase of his life.

All I would like to see is these two take some time away from the group, fall apart, and work to help each other repair and rebuild.

Parabatai reunite and reestablish their bond

Alec and Jace have plenty to deal with on their own. But there is still a lot on the table for them to process together. The two have not been on the same side in quite some time. Not with Jace dying, coming back to life, finding out he is a Herondale, and filling his free time with Clary and being possessed. And Alec’s life is no less crazy.

Alec however realizes at the end of the 3A, that perhaps Jace needed more of his attention than he thought. The trip into Jace’s mind highlighted why Jace and Alec (and Izzy) need each other — they are connected on a deeper level than just friendship or even family.

alec jace

Finding Jace buried deep inside the prison that his mind has become, revealed a scared, broken boy alone with his nightmares. Although it’s been quite some time, before this possession, Alec and Jace were always there to fight their demons side by side.

The finale of 3A pitted Simon versus Jace. A battle that was not only fueled by physical violence, but emotional manipulation. The trip inside Alec’s head where Alec stumbles upon the fragment that remains of his friend, left him with one mission – should it come to it, Alec must kill Jace.

Already having lived through the despair of feeling his parabatai rune disappear, Alec and Jace are both harboring the pain of not being honest with one another and missing out on the chance to properly reconnect since Jace’s return/possession.

These two not only need to face their independent situations — Magnus sacrificing his magic, Clary being MIA — but the need to tackle their reunion first and foremost. Once reunited these two can only accomplish great things.

Clary faces the possible return of Jonathan

We’re pretty confident Clary is coming back into the fold. Right? Last we saw, she disappeared after Lilith’s demise took out the entire rooftop of a skyscraper. And while we’re a bit concerned for her well-being, can we discuss the ramifications of that arm grab. Out of his, relatively elaborate casing, Jonathan appears to be back from whatever hell he was sent to.

shadowhunters season 3 feature

Clary is not lacking when it comes to family trauma. And while she has doubled down her commitment to embracing and serving her new chosen family and universe, it doesn’t help that she has to constantly awake demons of her past. First, Valentine to find out what his mission has left behind. Second, another repercussion of her father’s path in life, left her face to face with former Circle members during her own prosecution.

Third, after bringing back and killing her father (again) she had to commit all her energy and focus to ensuring that Jonathan did not experience a similar resurrection.

Now that Jonathan is presumably awakened, what does this mean for Clary? And, what does this mean for Jonathan? He is likely not going to be especially thrilled, or even fully cognizant, to

Simon discovers its not just a lonely road ahead

Speaking of sibling bonding, Simon’s sister is the only connection to his past life that exists. His mother grieves the “death” of her son while Simon mourns the loss of having a parent. In the long run, it might make it easier for his mother to move on and cope. But for Simon, he must follow the same road as Raphael — watching on as his family believes him to be dead and buried.

Shadowhunters 3x08 simon Maia

But he still has Rebecca. No worse for the wear (well minus a nasty neck scar), Simon’s sister will remain in his life – consciously aware of his presence. Unlike Raphael, Simon will be able to converse with her throughout her life, not just as she grows old and forgets his face.

Simon, however, may also need to tap into another support system following Raphael’s departure. Izzy, luckily, has the full download on what Simon is processing at the moment and her empathy and concern for him will likely be a valuable resource as he moves forward in 3B. Their relationship — let’s start with friendship — is something that will likely become an anchor for Simon as he works through the Mark of Cain, Maia’s departure, and his newly broken family.

Jace and Maia process their personal trauma

This is, arguably, the most important character arc for season 3B and it applies to two people. There is no doubt that everyone in this show has been through something this season. However, two characters rise to the top of mind when thinking about the ramifications of the events of 3A.

shadowhunters episode guide

Jace has just died and spent the last few weeks trapped inside a mental prison that left him without agency, watching as he nearly killed everyone he loved. His love for Clary was also forcibly taken away from his at the hands of Lilith. Restoring his mind, allowing him to process the events he just went through, Jace has a long road ahead of him.

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Maia, having just reconnected with the man who turned her, also needs help now more than ever. Luke and her pack helped guide her through the uncertainty of her changes and the challenges that lie ahead. They answered the questions that were left by Kyle and his abandonment. She found some sense of stability. But with the Prater Lupus keeping tabs on Simon and Kyle being unavoidable, Maia decided the best thing for her was to leave.

She took ownership of her situation, but will isolating herself truly be what’s best for her? Actress Alisha Wainwright teased in our interview that the best Maia episodes are coming in 3B.

Hopefully, we will see all of this and more as the Shadowhunters campaign for a fourth season continues to gain momentum.

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