6:09 pm EDT, June 22, 2018

‘Shadowhunters’ fans take to the sky to save the series from cancellation

Shadowhunters is not going down without a fight. Fans take to the sky to deliver a message to Netlfix.

Behind the hashtag is a movement for promoting what the show promotes every week — passion, loyalty, and the fight to not only survive, but make the world better. Shadowhunters‘ abrupt cancellation during its mid-season hiatus left fans with a sinking feeling.

Since the show’s cancellation, fans have been struggling to fill the void of waiting for a streaming site or another network to pick the series up. With the recent Lucifer save, a glimmer of hope might be on the horizon.

Instead of sitting behind hashtags, the fans have used their collective worldwide number to do some good. Behind those 7 million+ tweets and 112,000 petition signatures, fans are raising money for The Trevor Project all in the name of #SaveShadowhunters. So far, they have raised over $12,000.

But late in the afternoon in June, Shadowhunters fans took to the sky for another shot at grabbing some attention. Renting out a plane to fly a banner that read, “#SaveShadowhunters ❤️” the magnitude of their passion could be seen across Los Angeles. But one place in particular was the target of their efforts — Netflix headquarters.

The company who flew the banner posted photos on their official Twitter.

The plane not only gathered some buzz across the fandom, but it also captured the attention of the series’ showrunner, Darren Swimmer.

Loyalty to seeing the show live on is only one bit of what this fandom has chosen to do during the waiting period. Banding together in the face of uncertainty, utilizing the powers they can tap into (social media, planes, charity), the Shadowhunters fandom is following in the footsteps of their favorite characters.

By the Angel, I hope we all find a win here!

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