10:00 am EDT, June 28, 2016

Let the worldwide binge begin, ‘Gilmore Girls’ is going global on Netflix

No matter where you live, Netflix wants you to be ready for the Gilmore Girls revival! Soon you’ll be able to stream the series across the globe!

Exciting news for fans and new viewers around the world, the entire series of Gilmore Girls will be available July 1 any place that you can stream Netflix. Welcome to Stars Hollow, universe. It’s a nice place to visit.

The news arrives four months ahead of the predicted release date for the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Imagine being lucky enough to start the series and finish it as soon as the revival arrives? Lauren Graham announced the release on Twitter with a special video and a warning for new viewers!

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Let’s break down that timeline. If the predictions for the release date — either the Tuesday before the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, or the Sunday after Thanksgiving — are true, that leaves approximately 141 days (to be safe) to fit in 153 episodes.

For the professional binger, that is child’s play. But for the faint of heart it means you will have to start watching at least one episode per day and double up on some weekends to make the deadline.

Some recommended supplies for new viewers include:

  1. Tons of your favorite snacks
  2. Many, many cups of coffee
  3. Menus to your favorite take away restaurants
  4. Pizza
  5. Water (hydration is important)
  6. Access to a search engine (to look up all the references the show makes)

We cannot wait for the new series to hit Netflix this fall, but until then, we’ll be binging along with the rest of world!

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