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Everything I know about ‘Doctor Who’ I learned from pop culture

It’s always “Doctor,” never “Dr.”

If you ever make the mistake of spelling the show or the character’s name as “Dr. Who,” you will either be immediately corrected, sorely reprimanded, or laughed at (for reference, see my friend and fellow Hypable writer Tariq Kyle’s tweet above.) Which I guess makes sense because if The Doctor can’t save himself from dying over and over again, he’s probably not an actual doctor.

The reboot of this series is better than the original

Doctor Who Classic Modern
Doctor Who has technically been a show for 50 years, but hasn’t been on the air for 50 consecutive years. I can’t see any successful show taking a 15+ year hiatus, so my conclusion is that the most recent seasons are sort a reboot of the original seasons. Most of the people who watch the show now constantly tell me that I don’t need to see the old seasons (or “series,” as the British call them) and that I should just start watching from when Doctor Who returned.

This show is almost completely ship-less, except for Doctor/companion ships

Doctor Who kiss
Unlike a lot of other TV shows and movies, there are very few Doctor Who ships. Furthermore, out of those ships, the majority of them are canon. This is quite a shock to me, considering how there are always shipping wars or conversations going on for other TV shows that I follow.

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This red-haired woman (who is not Amy Pond) pops up from time to time, but seems to annoy everyone

Doctor Who redhead
Every gif I see with this character has some sort of annoying quote on it. In fact, I’ve come across quite a few gif sets of her just complaining about stuff or making snide remarks. Plus, she just never looks happy and the people she talks to never look happy either. I can’t help but think that she’s not a fan-favorite character and she’s just there to evoke funny quotes or phrases from the Doctor.

These scary angel statues, that may or may not bleed from their eyes, are super creepy

Doctor Who Angels
Why would anyone ever think this kind of creature or imagery was ok for a general audience? Supernatural could get away with something like this because it’s not advertised as a family-friendly show. You’re apparently not supposed to look at the angels, but I’m not quite sure why. I’m thinking that they either turn people to stone or cry even harder once they perceive a person’s sins? Seriously though, how do these angels’ faces not terrorize the minds of children and adults alike?

Speaking of ‘Supernatural,’ Crowley makes an appearance at some point

Doctor Who Crowley
What TV show is this guy not on? Given his previous television credits and history, I’m guessing that he causes quite a few problems for the Doctor and his companions. He looks pretty stylish, so I’m going to postulate that he was once a Doctor himself before falling from grace.

George Lucas wrote an episode for ‘Doctor Who’ once and threw in these ‘Star Wars’ rejects

Doctor Who George Lucas
These creatures look too much like a George Lucas/Star Wars invention to be completely original to Doctor Who. Especially their faces. I know that famous directors and writers have guest written for the show before and, since Peter Jackson is still campaigning to write and/or direct an episode, these creatures must have come from the mind of a Jedi master. I’m assuming they are similar to Jabba the Hutt in that they lounge around all day and make others do their work for them.

The Doctor disguises himself by wearing hats that correspond to his surroundings

Doctor Who fez
Some people wear masks, others don elaborate get-ups. The Doctor simply changes his hat to fit in. I also can’t help but notice that The Doctor’s clothing in general is important to the fan base. Between Matt Smith’s bow tie, the red fez, and the plain brown trench coat that David Tennant’s Doctor was most known for, what item of clothing does the Doctor not deem “cool”?

David Tennant’s Doctor cried in the rain once

Doctor Who David Tennant Rain

…And nobody will ever forget it. I’m assuming it was over a girl or female companion because, out of everything I’ve seen and heard about the show, nothing shakes up a Doctor quite like a female.

I think out of all of the images and gifs I have ever seen of Doctor Who, this one is the one I’ve seen most often. I actually think that it has been around so much and for so long that I didn’t even know it was from Doctor Who the first time I saw it. It makes me think that Whovians are constantly sad or upset, but I’m not sure why.

Which leads me to my last point…

Every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ is painful to watch

Doctor Who crying
Whenever an episode of Doctor Who is about to air, airing, or has just recently aired, I can always tell because the GIF of David Tennant crying always plagues my newsfeed. My question is what could possibly be so heart-wrenching about a man who chooses to mess with history?

So, how did I do?

Well, that’s all I know (or think I know) about Doctor Who. I’m not sure how much of it is correct, but I feel like a lot about the show is pretty straightforward. But, I promise to eventually watch the show and properly educate myself on it. You can count on that. Feel free to let me know how I did in the comments below.

P.s. “Bowties are cool.” Nailed it.

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