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Everything I know about ‘Doctor Who’ I learned from pop culture

I have a confession to make: I have never watched a single episode of Doctor Who. That’s ok though, because I learned everything I really need to know about the show from pop culture, and it would never steer me wrong, right?

Honestly, Doctor Who has been on my list of shows that I need to watch for what seems like forever, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Doctor Who just has such a long history and so many episodes. I know, I know: “Excuses, excuses.”

You can imagine how left out I feel once conversations with friends turn to Doctor Who. So, instead of trying to remain completely unspoiled about the show, I’ve absorbed as much as I can about it so that I can pretend like I know what I’m talking about. Now I have the opportunity to prove how much I know (or don’t know) about Doctor Who.

I do have to warn you though: There may be spoilers past this point. Because I’ve gathered my information from what I’ve seen on Tumblr, what I’ve read on Hypable and in the news, and what I’ve heard from my friends, this post may be highly spoilerific. Or it could just be complete codswollop. You be the judge.

Everything I know about ‘Doctor Who’

What I think it’s about

Doctor Who Logo
Doctor Who is a family-oriented show that follows one man’s adventures. There’s this man who calls himself “The Doctor.” As far as I can tell, he is not a real doctor, yet he makes everyone else refer to him as “The Doctor.”

He travels through time and space in a London phone booth that’s called “The Tardis.” How he can differentiate between his Tardis and a regular phone booth whenever he’s in modern London is beyond me.

Anyway, he travels through time mostly for fun, but also to try to fix things that he really shouldn’t fix (like major world events). He carries this tool with him that he calls the “Sonic Screwdriver,” but I can’t tell if it’s an actual screwdriver. Not like it would be effective in fixing major world events. But I think he keeps it on hand when he needs to defeat his mortal enemies, the Daleks (which you have to pronounce “dah-lex” or you’ll get yelled at).

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The Doctor

Doctor Who The Doctors
The Doctor is a time traveler who never ages. He does, however, tend to die often. Whenever he does die, he regenerates into a completely different actor because he’s some sort of magical being. Even though he’s technically the same person, his tastes in style change from regeneration to regeneration. He also normally regenerates into a mid-30s or middle-aged man so that people don’t question how often he’s called “The Doctor.”

The main purpose of The Doctor’s existence is to make sure that the Daleks don’t mess up history too much (even though he’s doing basically the same thing). The Daleks are basically like rogue Doctors who merged with their Tardis (Tardises? Is there a plural for that word? I don’t know). The Doctor has to keep up a professional appearance so he refuses to tell anyone his name.

David Tennant was the slightly sarcastic and snarky Doctor

Every picture I ever see of him as the Doctor in Doctor Who makes me want to chuckle. Therefore, I postulate that he was one of the most (if not the most) charismatic Doctor to date.

Matt Smith’s Doctor is the equivalent of a puppy dog

He just seems to always be smiling and happy. No matter what’s happening. It’s almost impossible to find a photo of his Doctor crying or upset, unlike David Tennant’s Doctor (but we’ll get to that in a little bit). Matt Smith just reminds me of a sweet puppy dog. Too bad he’s trying to mess up history.

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor

This is one of my points that I’m certain about. However, I’m not quite sure why the show would take a step backwards age-wise and line up an older Doctor next. It almost seemed like they were pulling a Benjamin Button thing for a bit, which would have been really interesting.

The companions

Doctor Who Companion
While he may be a magical, immortal being, The Doctor needs a companion or two to help him succeed in his mission. This may be because he usually takes on the body of a middle-aged man and therefore cannot do as much as he could if he were in the body of a twenty-something. They are also around to make sure that he doesn’t mess up history too badly.

Above all though, the companions are meant to be potential love interests for The Doctor(s). Matt Smith’s Doctor loves Amy Pond so much that, after he meets the adult version of her, he travels back in time to impress her as a child and begin courting her at an early age.


Doctor Who Rose
She’s David Tennant’s companion/love interest as well as the love interest for the Doctor before him. They (she and David Tennant) eventually get together, but then when he regenerates into Matt Smith’s Doctor, she disappears.

She must have fallen into a black hole or got caught in some sort of time trap around the time that David Tennant’s Doctor incarnation dies. Either that or she doesn’t want to go through the trouble of having to make the Doctor love her all over again, so she leaves.

The Ponds

Doctor Who Amy Rory
Amy and Rory Pond were two of the most popular companions. They seemed to have some sort of weird incestuous relationship going on (even though I believe Doctor Who is categorized as a children’s show). Amy is at times in love with The Doctor but then, at other times, with her brother Rory. They give up the position of “companion” and have the Doctor drop them off in a time period where marriage between siblings is culturally acceptable. They then get married and live happily ever after.

The Tardis

Doctor Who The Tardis
The only explanation I have for people loving a tricked-out phone booth is that it’s actually a character. So I’m assuming the Tardis is the JARVIS to The Doctor’s Tony Stark.

Curly-Haired Lady

Doctor Who River
This woman has been around for multiple regenerations of the Doctor (however, because this show deals with time travel, I have no idea how much time that would be). She seems to be pretty sassy and also flirts a lot with the Doctor. They probably have one of those annoying on-again, off-again relationships where the Doctor is constantly going back to her.
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