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Why you should catch up on ‘Veronica Mars’ before the reboot

Wondering if you should catch up on the original Veronica Mars series before it comes back? This is why it’s an absolute must.

After its untimely cancellation, Veronica Mars is finally coming back for more. Fans of the original series are obviously rejoicing, but it’s also generating a lot of buzz among potential new fans. Kristen Bell is one of the most universally loved stars around, and there’s always a thirst for more female-led TV, so there could be a huge appetite for this show in 2019.

New fans will undoubtedly be wondering if they should go back and watch the original series, or if they can just jump in with the new episodes. While we’re sure the reboot will be entertaining for both old and new fans, here’s are five reasons why we think you should absolutely go back and watch the original.

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It’s only 3 seasons (and a ‘The Veronica Mars Movie’)

It’s not like you’d be signing up for hundreds of hours of content. While it was extremely unfortunate for Marshmallows (that’s what Veronica Mars fans call themselves, you’ll soon find out) that the show got cancelled after only three seasons, it’s great news for you! The three seasons of Veronica Mars each deal with an overarching mystery while also taking on more episodic style mysteries, so you’ll fly through them without even realizing.

Then, when you finish the series, you can plan a movie night to watch The Veronica Mars movie, which came out years after the show ended. It’s packed with nostalgia, which you’ll find especially rewarding if you’ve just experienced the series. Trust us, spending some couch time with Veronica Mars is the best way to start off your summer.

The Mars family

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The relationship between Keith and Veronica Mars is one of the highlights of the series, and you can’t miss out on its beginnings. The pair have been through so much together, and to see them bond over the course of the series is worth the watch alone.

There’s also some drama with Veronica’s mother that came up in a big way in one of the Veronica Mars books that was released after the movie. They might be revisiting some of this material in the reboot, so having a solid background on the Mars family will enhance your experience.


Logan Echolls + Veronica Mars = LoVe. This ship is one of the greatest in television history (I’m not biased, you’re biased), and it’s really not one that you can fully appreciate by jumping into the middle of it. There are so many amazing moments between these two star-crossed lovers that can’t be missed.

Just like Veronica and Keith, these two have been through so much together that has strengthened their bond and solidified their relationship. They’ve helped each other to grow into the people and partners that they are today. If you’re only seeing them together in the reboot, you’re only going to be getting a snapshot of the story.

The Neptune nuance of ‘Veronica Mars’

Veronica Mars is set in Neptune, California. A weird little town ripe with elitism, corruption and class division. The social hierarchy in this town runs deep, with the rich (otherwise known as the “09ers”) controlling everything, including the Sheriff’s department, and the poor struggling to keep their place.

Veronica and her dad have been fighting against the privilege of city’s elite and the corruption it’s derived since the show began, so the issue has been consistently developing. The Veronica Mars Movie also hints toward some big drama to come between one of the most influential rich families and Weevil, a character who has done a lot for Veronica in the past.

Class division is in the DNA of Veronica Mars, so this will definitely be a big theme in the reboot. It will be helpful to have a grasp on who Neptune’s families and characters are, to really understand the context.

All the recurring jokes

If The Veronica Mars Movie proved one thing, it’s that the series was packed with fun recurring jokes and themes. Obviously you won’t need to understand and recognize these to enjoy the new series, but it will only serve to make you love it more.

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Now that we’ve convinced you to catch up on Veronica Mars, you have until July 26, when the new season is released on Hulu. Keep your eye out for an announcement from Hulu very soon, as they’ll be streaming all three seasons of Veronica Mars before the reboot premieres.

Will you be watching the original ‘Veronica Mars’ series before the reboot?

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