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Ten ‘Veronica Mars’ references you might have missed in the film

How big of a Marshmallow are you? Did you spot all the references and Easter eggs found in the Veronica Mars movie? Read on to find out!

For many superfans, the Veronica Mars movie is everything they could have wanted and more. It brought back some of our favorite characters, told us what Veronica and her friends had been up to in the past nine or so years, and was littered with so many throwbacks it made our Marshmallow hearts soar.

While this movie was designed to be enjoyed by fans and newbies alike, if you hadn’t seen the television show, chances are some of the references went over your head. Or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve seen V on your small screen.

Regardless, we’re here to break down our favorite Veronica Mars references and Easter eggs. Obvious spoilers ahead.

‘Veronica Mars’ television show references


Veronica Mars Movie Title

“People say I’m a marshmallow.” Those five simple words probably had most people in the audience grinning from ear to ear. It’s a throwback line to the pilot episode of Veronica Mars when Wallace says Veronica is just a big softie. And although Wallace wasn’t the one to say it in the movie, it was great to hear anyway.

Over and above that, however, is the fact that many Veronica Mars fans now call themselves Marshmallows. As the years have gone on since the end of season 3 in 2007, the Marshmallows have banded together and kept the fandom alive. And it was not for naught. Hearing Kristen Bell utter that phrase was well worth the wait.

Special brownies

Veronica Mars Movie Dick

Dick is arguably one of the most complicated characters in Veronica Mars, and this little scene was a throwback to that. At the end of season 2, we learn that Dick’s brother Cassidy did something unthinkable. Dick’s subsequent guilt over his treatment of Cassidy fueled much of his plot in season 3 of the show.

In the movie, Dick says he needs his special brownies because he has chronic depression. While it is certainly a funny line in the moment, it’s also a testament to the detail creator Rob Thomas gave the movie. Dick’s past was not forgotten in lieu of making him the comic relief, and for that we are grateful.

From Channel 9

Veronica Mars Movie Sheriff Dan Lamb

Martina Vasquez was the subject of a hilarious scene in Veronica Mars season 3, episode 8, “Lord of the Pi’s.” Wanting some information from Sheriff Lamb, Veronica calls in and pretends to be the “hottie from channel 9.” Lamb is more than happy to give out information…that is, until Keith interrupts the phone call.

In the movie, there is a nearly identical scene between Veronica and the new sheriff, Dan Lamb, Don’s older brother. Just like in the show, the sheriff is at his desk, Veronica is twirling her hair, and Keith accidentally interrupts the phone call. Luckily for V, this time the sheriff is none the wiser, which makes for a great line from Deputy Sacks later on.


Veronica Mars Movie Logan Echolls

“Our story is epic.” We bet the LoVe shippers melted at that line. This was a direct reference to season 2, episode 20, “Look Who’s Stalking.” At the alterna-prom, Logan tells Veronica he thought their story was epic. They come so close to kissing, but Veronica backs away at the last second, and then leaves.

The movie has a bit of a happier ending. The lines between Veronica and Logan are pulled from the scene in the show, though the ending is drastically different. Instead of running away, Veronica takes the leap and it looks like LoVe is back together once again.

Daily wisdom

Veronica Mars Movie Logan Echolls Phone

Did anyone else miss Logan’s daily inspirational messages? He used to record a different inspirational message each day for the voicemail message on his cell phone. They were always hilarious coming from someone like Logan, but they also gave us a little more of a glimpse into his mind.

While we didn’t get our dose of wise words during the course of the movie, if you stuck around for the end credits (and after that hilarious James Franco scene), you’ll know that Logan once again imparts a little bit of wisdom on us before final names scroll across the screen.

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