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Episode #16 – ‘Veronica Mars’ Introduction

Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Mitchel, Caitlin, Ariana, Marama, and Gabrielle

July 28, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We’re starting our recaps of Veronica Mars soon, but first, listen in to our introduction of the new hosts and new format!


-ReWatchable is doing Veronica Mars after they’ve finished their Firefly recaps!

-Karen, Mitch, Danielle, Gabrielle, Ariana, Caitlin, and Marama all introduce themselves.

-How close to Pretty Little Liars is Veronica Mars?

-How much do each of the hosts already know about Veronica Mars?

-What network was VM on exactly?

-We’ll be recapping all three seasons, and doing two episodes per podcast every week. It’ll be an eight month project, and we’ll end with the big upcoming movie!

-We’ll have our favorite quotes and scenes each episode, along with major plot points for the episodes, all rounding up to around an hour long podcast.

-Don’t forget, the podcast will be spoiler free, along with your comments on this post.

-Gabrielle gives us her (spoiler free) San Diego Comic-Con 2013 impressions.

-Gabrielle got donuts in line for the VM fan panel! We all drool…

-We’ll always try to have one superfan per episode, and we’ll rotate everyone in as we can. Expect three to four hosts per ReWatchable episode.

-We’ll be back in a week’s time with our first Veronica Mars recaps for 1×01 and 1×02, so get rewatching!

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