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‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and ‘Legend of Korra’s’ non-benders deserve appreciation



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Asami has it the worst of all the non-benders listed here. She lost her mother to a firebender and her father to an elitist organization, then chose to ally herself with a team that spends more time relying on their bending than common sense. Make no mistake, if anyone decided to listen to Asami for an entire episode of Legend of Korra, Book 2 would have turned out a lot different.

Not only is Asami well trained in the martial arts, she has an unparalled mechanical mind. She is the first to jump into the driver’s, or pilot’s, seat and head into action with nothing but her loyalty to her friends driving her forward. Team Avatar can all learn a thing or two from her proactive attitude.

Varrik and Zhu Li


“Do the thing!” A phrase so simple, yet powerful in the hands of the right people. Varrik and his loyal-to-a-fault assistant, Zhu Li are the dynamic duo who get things done. Need an airship? They have it. Hiding out in a bear and want some tea? Not a problem. Want to sway the masses into supporting a civil war through propaganda? Move over, Hollywood, Varrik and Zhu Li have the resources. It helps that Varrick has massive capital and the ability to fast-talk those he conducts business with.

Whatever side you choose to be on, evil or good, make sure Varrick is in your corner. You never know when you may need assistance jumping out of a building or destroying an entire city.

Ty Lee and Mai


If you want to hang out with Azula you need to be able to hold your own. Especially when things inevitably go south because that Fire Nation chick is crazy. Mai and Ty Lee, Azula’s go-to girls, are each highly skilled in their own war tactics of choice, including concealed knives and chi blocking techniques. It took a ton of moxi to stand up to the fiercest firebender in the Avatar universe, but Mai and Ty Lee had the brains to recognize their strength could serve a greater purpose.

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Who is your favorite non-bender in the ‘Avatar’ universe?

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