ReWatchable is back for the first Avatar: The Last Airbender episode recapping season 1, episode 1, “The Boy in the Iceberg,” and episode 2, “The Avatar Returns.”

Superfans: Michal, Caitlin, and Natalie. Newbie: Brittany

Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1, episode 1, “The Boy in the Iceberg”

-Brittany was a little lost. Especially during the intro. Wow, that was a lot of information, right off the bat!
A:TLA is drawn in a style similar to anime, but is a Western cartoon. We’re glad their mouths match up to the dialogue in this show!
-Caitlin tells us all about some of the differences between Western and Eastern animation.
-Watching the show again, even the superfans were surprised at how quickly the show moves in the beginning.
-It’s definitely a lot easier to appreciate this show’s intro scene retrospectively.
-We’re able to understand Sokka and Katara’s relationship in the first moments that we see them.
-How odd that we don’t know that Aang is the Avatar in the first episode!
-The character growth we’re going to see in this show, especially for Sokka and Katara, is going to be tremendous.
-Brittany thought that everyone on the show was going to be able to bend!
-Yeah, let’s just get this out of the way. This show really isn’t strictly a kids show.
-No one’s age is revealed in the show, so Brittany gives her best guesses (and is pretty close).
-Sokka’s “sexist” comment was pretty intense for the first drama scene of the show.
-Katara tends to see things through rose-tinted glasses, especially about her discovery of Aang.
-How cute was Aang as he asked to penguin sledding right as he woke up!
-Brittany still doesn’t know what the Avatar really is.
-“Zuko” will always be followed by “no comment.”
-And amongst the love of the Firebender from the superfans, the newbie “just wants to slap him.”
-But then we all agree that it’s okay to hate on Zuko this early on in the game.
-Newbie Brittany thought that Zuko wore facepaint every day. Instead of having a burn scar.
-Gran gran is understandably protective of the last South Pole Waterbender.
-Okay, we admit it. Katara does say the word “hope” a lot.
-Bending isn’t meant to be a magical thing, rather more in line with nature.
-Aang becomes a lot of Katara’s world, very quickly. Is this because of her missing out on being around any other benders?
-We almost sort ourselves into our respective bending types. But then we don’t. No comment!
-The animal hybrids of this world are the best! How cute were those penguins?
-Aang seems to snap into the frozen world that he’s in without any hesitation.
-Iroh gave us a really neat description of how bending happens this early on in the show.

Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1, episode 2, “The Avatar Returns”

-The first epic battle between Zuko and Aang showed off some great choreography.
-Firebenders could be compared to the Slytherines of the A:TLA universe.
-Do we even have time to think of the ships this early on in the show?
-Yeah, the A:TLA fandom can get pretty in depth when it comes to ships.
-Watching this show right after a show like Spongebob will really not set you up properly for this show.
-The animated characters in this show is as real to Natalie as real people characters, due to their awesome complexity.
-Sokka goes for the eye of the tiger, armed only with a spear and his trusty boomerang. Also, his moment against Zuko gives him a good reprieve from his less-than-favorable previous presentation.
-Arrogance is a common flaw in many characters in A:TLA.
-Brittany pretty much hits the head on the nail about what the Avatar state is.
-Was it okay that Aang wanted to have so many fun adventures, when such an important mission was already at hand?
-What are the events we’re looking forward to seeing, in concept, for the remainder of this epic journey?
-Aang definitely isn’t processing the consequences of his current situation quite yet.
-What number re-watch are the superfans on for A:TLA?
-This is the first show that hasn’t been cancelled that ReWatchable is covering.

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