10:00 am EDT, May 29, 2015

Hypable’s ‘ReWatchable’ podcast will review ‘Legend of Korra’ next

Whether you’ve been a fan of Legend of Korra from the beginning, or you’ve been wanting to give it a go, join ReWatchable as we discuss it for the first time!

About the podcast

ReWatchable is an exclusive Hypable podcast that takes your favorite shows and discusses them episode by episode. The only requirement is that the show has finished airing, regardless of whether it was cancelled or it went off the air at just the right time.

In the past, we’ve discussed Firefly, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Freaks and Geeks. Episodes are typically released each Sunday.

Each round consists of both newbies (those who have never seen the show before) and superfans (those who have seen the show and love it). Our podcast is spoiler-free, which means you can listen as a newbie and don’t have to worry about any important plot details being revealed before you see them unfold on screen. We ask that you keep this in mind when you’re commenting on our posts as well.

What we’re doing now


The next round of ReWatchable will be discussing Legend of Korra, a show that has as much of a passionate fan base as the original, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our Korra discussion will be hosted by superfans Michal, Natalie, Caitlin, Mitch, and Donya, who will be joined by newbies Brittany, Ariana, and Karen.

This round of ReWatchable is going to be a reunion for us. We were all on the Avatar: The Last Airbender round, and it’s going to be fun to get back together and discuss Korra!

Come say hello

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You can find every ReWatchable episode here on Hypable, and get in contact with us via Twitter or Tumblr. And if social media isn’t your thing, you can always shoot us a message at [email protected]

Oh, and we heard that if you leave us an iTunes review, there could be a cool reward for you, too.

Will you be joining us for ‘Legend of Korra’? If so, will it be as a newbie or a superfan?

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