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‘Supergirl’ needs to save Alex Danvers’ dream of being a mom for the final season

LGBTQ+ adoption is something Supergirl should explore, just not yet

As their excuse to put an end to Alex and Maggie’s relationship on Supergirl, the writers unleashed a new story in the universe: Alex’s desperate desire to become a mother. Can we take a break?

Though Supergirl season 4 focused much less on Alex Danvers’ dreams of being a mom, they still managed to write an entire episode about it and begin Alex’s steps through the adoption process. With what seemed like just a way to get Alex and Maggie to break up, the writers introduced a story that forever changed Alex’s life. It feels like the writers have now put a clock on Alex until this dream of hers comes true.

Yes, I want Alex to fulfill her life’s dream, but there are a few reasons why this needs to be put on hold as Supergirl season 5 approaches and its ever-changing list of characters and stories floating around the Danvers women in National City get revamped.

Alex Danvers' baby

Alex’s new relationship with Kelly

One of the most important steps when you become a parent is finding someone who you would want and who you trust to parent with. While Kelly and Alex’s relationship is still very, very new, it’s clear they are heading down this path. Supergirl season 4, episode 20 saw Alex getting a call about an adoption, waiting all day with Kelly to hear more (as Kara was unreachable in Kaznia), and then Kelly comforting Alex after the bad news came.

Kelly gave Alex some beautiful advice after the adoption fell through, which solidified how important of a character she is and could be for Alex, as well. Alex’s relationship with Maggie was great, but it ended over a very realistic speed bump, and now it’s time for Alex to find happiness again.

Introducing a baby into their dynamic would only complicate things already and make it that much harder for their relationship to move to the next step. I want Alex and Kelly to become parents together, when the time comes (if their relationship lasts). Alex’s decision to become a single parent is respectable, but why do it if you don’t have to?

If there was one Danvers sister we thought would end up with an Olsen, it wasn’t Alex.

Alex Danvers' baby

What would they do with Alex Danvers after?

While adoption—especially for LGBTQ+ people—is something Supergirl (and TV in general) should definitely explore, I truly feel it would be best if this story was saved for Alex’s final season arc.

Right now, there’s just no space for a baby on Supergirl. (Or The Flash, or Arrow, or any superhero show, really.) Baby storylines are, almost always, a cause for a drop in quality, like when Rachel had a baby on Friends. Either the babies are addressed/around too much, or they are no where to be seen, leaving us to wonder why embark on that path in the first place.

As Director of the DEO, a position she will hopefully finally be able to embrace after a year of having it in title only, I want to see Alex work with Supergirl to make the world a better place before she adopts a baby. There’s too much danger surrounding her life and line of work, especially because of Kara’s not-so-guarded secret identity and the current state of the world. If Alex wasn’t standing side-by-side with Supergirl, she probably wouldn’t be a target for someone, but she is. As is any potential baby.

If this was a “normal” career, perhaps the writers could make it work, but she fights aliens that are much stronger and have powers… doesn’t seem like the best environment to me, and I know the writers will take advantage of that and traumatize Alex and her baby.

There’s still potential for several seasons more of Supergirl, so do we really want to make this life-altering change in Alex’s life already? Felicity Smoak had her baby when she was written off of Arrow, and while I don’t see Alex being written off for any reason, this baby would drag her down for the duration of Supergirl.

There’s no way around it: baby storylines are the worst. I don’t want to see it with Barry and Iris on The Flash or Oliver and Felicity on Arrow. Please don’t make us live through this with Alex.

Supergirl returns October 6, 2019 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW!

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