Star Wars

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’: What does ‘The Last Jedi’ mean?

We finally have the title of the next entry in the Star Wars saga. But just what, or who, does The Last Jedi refer to?

‘Rogue One’s’ best scene doesn’t involve the heroes

Among the many exceptional scenes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, one of the most poignant ones doesn’t even involve any of the main heroes.

Lucasfilm addresses rumors of digitally recreating Leia in future ‘Star Wars’ movies

Lucasfilm, the studio behind Star Wars, has issued a statement regarding their plans for Carrie Fisher’s Leia in Episode 8 and beyond.

‘Atlanta’ postponed ’til 2018 so Donald Glover can do ‘Star Wars’

FX’s award-winning Atlanta will be on hiatus while Donald Glover does a little movie in a galaxy far, far away.

‘Star Wars: Episode 8’: Rian Johnson says Luke is ‘a large part of the movie’

Director Rian Johnson finally divulged a few details about Luke and Rey in the still-untitled Star Wars: Episode 8.

Photo: Carrie Fisher’s urn is a large Prozac pill

Star Wars actress, author, and comedian Carrie Fisher is making us laugh even after her death.

Carrie Fisher’s Leia has ‘key scenes’ in ‘Star Wars’ 8 and 9 (especially the latter), Lucasfilm to discuss changes next week

Carrie Fisher’s death last month was incredibly sad and shocking. As they continue to grieve the loss of their friend, Lucasfilm is now preparing to discuss what they’ll do with Princess Leia in the next two Star Wars movies.

Woody Harrelson joins ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff (updated)

Actor Woody Harrelson is set to have a key role in the next Star Wars spinoff following a young Han Solo.

Thank you, Carrie Fisher

As the news broke that Carrie Fisher had died, people from all corners of the world, all walks of life, came together to mourn her death.