8:00 pm EDT, June 16, 2017

Colin Trevorrow’s ‘Book of Henry’ reviews make Star Wars fans anxious

Colin Trevorrow’s latest film is getting dismal reviews, creating anxiety among already skeptical Star Wars fans.

Trevorrow is set to direct and possibly script Star Wars: Episode IX, the third film in the sequel trilogy. But as negative reviews roll in for Trevarow’s newest film, The Book of Henry, Star Wars fans have become increasingly vocal about Trevorrow’s involvement in the franchise.

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A passion project for Trevorrow, The Book of Henry has a rating of 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition to an apparently nonsensical script, the director himself has been called out in several reviews.

According to Vulture, “Trevorrow can’t draw a single emotional through line out of the muck, leaving his cast stranded in a directionless jumble of half-arcs.”

Entertainment Weekly gave The Book of Henry a D score, noting Trevorrow’s “lack of finesse and his dependence on character clichés.”

The Atlantic writes that the director “unsurprisingly, falls face-first in his attempt” to wrangle a compelling tale out of a hokey family drama.

Star Wars fans, it’s safe to say, are not happy.

For many Star Wars fans, The Book of Henry‘s dismal reviews only reenforces a long-curdling skepticism about Colin Trevorrow.

Trevorrow comes to the cultural touchstone of Star Wars with relatively little experience in feature films (an excuse often used to disqualify female and minority directors). He shot straight from the independent film Safety Not Guaranteed to the blockbuster Jurassic World. From there, he was bestowed with one of the most important cultural properties in the world.

Many fans have unhappily noted the poor feminist credentials of Jurassic World — even those who haven’t seen the film will recall the hubbub over Bryce Dallas Howard running for hours in heels. Colin Trevorrow hasn’t helped his case recently, seemingly surprised that his young daughter had a profound response to seeing Wonder Woman.

It remains to be seen how well that attitude will play as Trevorrow takes Rey’s journey to its conclusion.

Among Star Wars fans on high alert, hopes still percolate that Rian Johnson, writer and director of The Last Jedi, will take over from Trevorrow. However, Trevorrow has been on the slate for Star Wars: Episode IX since mid-2015, and it seems increasingly unlikely that Lucasfilm will reverse course at this point.

Still, the loss of Carrie Fisher already places Episode IX in delicate territory. Perhaps the response to The Book of Henry (and the response to the response to The Book of Henry) will encourage Lucasfilm to keep a firm hand on the film along with Colin Trevorrow.

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