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Thirteen reasons why we love Ron Weasley no matter what anybody says

7. He’s a family man.

Ron Weasley Family

Ron Weasley would do anything for his family. For instance, at age 12, he risks his life going down to the previously uncharted Chamber of Secrets to save his sister from clear and present danger. Not only is this an incredible example of Ron’s bravery, but it’s also a testament to the bond he has with his siblings. He constantly talks about his older brothers Bill and Charlie, especially about everything they’ve accomplished. He’s clearly traumatized in the books when Percy denounces his family. He even wears the sweaters his mother knits for him even when he doesn’t care for them. Ron cares about his family more than almost anything, and that clearly shows through his portrayal in the books and the movies. We’d go so far as to say that, because he’s a big family man, he makes a pretty great father to Rose and Hugo, not to mention a wonderful husband to Hermione.

8. He remembers all of the ‘little people’ like himself.

Ron Weasley Little People

Who else would think of the house elves during such a traumatic event like the Hogwarts battle? Ron knows what it’s like to be one of the little people, a member of the working class who, many times, is walked all over by the middle and upper classes. Whenever Ron comes into contact with Draco, Draco never forgets to remind Ron how much money and “power” his family has in comparison to the Weasley clan. These constant reminders have made Ron aware of all of the other mistreated and underprivileged beings around him, including the house elves. Yes, it takes a while for him to warm up to the idea of SPEW, but, deep down, his compassion for the little people (figurative and literal) has always been there.

9. He’s sensitive and doesn’t hide his emotions.

Ron Weasley Sensitive

While a lot of people (Harry and Hermione included) hide or even completely sublimate their emotions, Ron is more open and honest with his. When he’s angry with Harry, Harry knows through Ron’s body language, if not a curt conversation. When Ron is excited about something, such as the Chudley Cannons, everyone knows that he’s excited. He doesn’t keep his emotions a secret or a mystery. However, as mentioned above, he does have the ability to keep himself from reacting emotionally in a moment of stress or danger, which is definitely a strength.

Ron’s emotional transparency is most noticeable when he’s burdened with wearing the horcrux locket. He’s not weak-willed as so many people suggest. Like a lot of Gryffindors (such as Sirius and James), Ron feels things really strongly and at extreme levels, which is great in terms of loyalty. But this also means that his strong feelings are also more easily manipulable by the horcrux because they’re always so close to the surface. The fact that he is malleable by the horcrux simply demonstrates his humanity. Harry’s been carrying around a horcrux his whole life, so the guy’s had practice. So Ron is affected by the horcrux just like any of us would be, which just shows us how relatable his character is.

Which brings us to our next point…

10. He’s also pretty insecure at times, just like the rest of us.

Ron Weasley Emotional

Ron’s insecurity makes him an incredibly relatable character. All he wants is to be loved. As one of seven, Ron has constantly had to work hard to earn attention. He was neither the oldest nor the youngest child, so he wasn’t automatically granted attention. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, all Ron sees when he looks into the Mirror of Erised is himself in positions of admiration and attention. His insecurities are also apparent during the times when he argues with Harry about being seen as the sidekick or as a lesser man. But, if ever put in the same position, we can’t say that we’d feel any different from Ron and that’s ok.

11. It’s these last few traits that really make him a strong individual.

Ron Weasley Strong Individual

Throughout the course of the books, as well as in his life before the books begin, Ron deals with a lot. While he certainly is loved, he’s clearly not the one of the favorites in his family. He’s Harry’s best friend, which means that no matter what he does, the spotlight will always be on Harry. For instance, Ron plays the excellent game of chess to help Harry retrieve the Sorcerer’s Stone but nobody ever really mentions that. Plus, Harry yells at him all the time during his super moody phases but Ron just takes it in stride. In our opinion, he’s one of the most underestimated and under-appreciated characters in the series.

12. He’s a flawed character who’s special by not being special.

Ron Weasley Crystal Ball

Ron Weasley isn’t perfect. We all know that. Sure, his mouth gets the best of him sometimes and he may use anger to hide his insecurities. He may not be a perfect student or an incredible athlete. He’s average, incredibly humble, and has just as many flaws as the rest of us, and we love him for that. Wholeheartedly. It’s his flaws that accentuate his personality and make him feel real. He’s just a boy whose two best friends happen to be the brightest witch of her age and The Boy Who Lived. Ron Weasley lives life as best as he knows how and does what he believes to be right. The fact that he isn’t famous or outrageously intelligent is what makes him special. He’s just a normal person that all of us can relate to and love.

13. He was most certainly Katy Perry’s inspiration for “Roar.”

Ron Weasley Roar
Via moderndaybard98.tumblr.com

We had to. He just made such a fantastic lion. No doubt about it. That scene in the film version of The Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the whole series and we can’t get enough of it. It’s a sort of surreal moment in that Ron portrays the house mascot which, in itself, is supposed to represent the best qualities of all of the students in Gryffindor. So Ron is outwardly portraying a few of his greatest qualities. And he does it in such a mesmerizing way. We love it.

Be honest: What do you love best about Ron Weasley?

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