4:15 pm EDT, July 31, 2018

Isaac Marion will be releasing the Warm Bodies series’ final novel, ‘The Living,’ independently

A year and a half has passed since the release of The Burning World, the sequel to the smash hit Warm Bodies. Since then, fans have been clamoring for the final installment. Now it looks like we finally know when to expect the end of R and Julie’s story!

Isaac Marion, the brilliant writer behind Warm Bodies, took to his blog yesterday to announce that the long-awaited final novel, The Living, will be making its way into fans’ grabby hands this fall!

Update (November 2018): The book is out now! Read our The Living review.

That’s right, this beautifully written series that has captured the minds and hearts of many will be coming to a close sometime in fall 2018.

But that wasn’t the only news Isaac Marion had to share. Because his publisher dropped the series after world events caused The Burning World‘s disappointing performance, Marion will be publishing The Living independently.

FMarion tried to shop the final book (which was written concurrently with The Burning World) around to smaller publishers for months after it was dropped, but to no avail. So, he’s going it alone.

“This story needs its ending,” Marion explains. “You’ve waited long enough. So to quote a large purple man who dominated pop culture this year…fine. I’ll do it myself.

You can read Isaac Marion’s full explanation for going the self-publishing route (as well as the story behind the book’s unforeseen delay) on his blog.

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Other media may not be paying attention to this final installment (yet), but you can rest assured that we will be. We loved The Burning World and we can’t wait to see how this incredible story ends.

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