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‘Veronica Mars’ novel title revealed, first international showings announced, and more

Quite a few Veronica Mars news tidbits have been released over the past few days, including the first follow-up novel’s title, a handful of international showings, and more.

Like our last Veronica Mars movie news post, we decided that it would be best to include all of the most recent news in a round up.

The first ‘Veronica Mars’ novel title has been revealed

Last week, in an online preview of their Veronica Mars cover story, Entertainment Weekly revealed the title of the first Veronica Mars novel. The book, set to be released on March 25 (just a week and a half after the movie’s premiere), will be titled The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

While we don’t know any specifics about the plot, we do know that the novel series will take place right after the events of the movie and involve a lot of fan-favorite characters (whose names we won’t list here in case you don’t want to be spoiled on the movie). If we had to wager a guess, we would bet that the superficial tone of the title hints to the novel taking place in Neptune.

You can pre-order the novel now from quite a few places, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (Note: Don’t be alarmed if the image for the pre-order doesn’t reflect the newly released title.)

Entertainment Weekly discusses reshoots and box office goals

The most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (where Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring are on the cover) reveals that, after a test screening in October, Warner Brothers requested a Kristen Bell-narrated prologue. Their hopes are that the prologue will more easily introduce the Veronica Mars universe to newcomers in a simple and clear manner.

Entertainment Weekly also reports that Warner Brothers provided Rob Thomas with enough money to shoot a few extra scenes involving Veronica and Keith in response to the test audience wanting to see more of their interaction. These additional scenes are also reported to help clarify a few of the plot points. Their funding of additional scenes is really interesting considering that they wouldn’t originally do more than help promote the film. This further involvement may demonstrate their renewed faith in the series.

Entertainment Weekly’s story also discusses Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell will be gauging the success of the film and the odds of a follow-up film. “I know what number we’d have to hit to do it again,” says Kristen Bell, but she wouldn’t give the specific number because she’s optimistic that the film will be able to hit it. However, the article says that Veronica Mars will live on no matter how the film does. In addition to the novels, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell state that they’re interested in low-budget Veronica Mars movies or even a Netflix series.

You can read the rest of the fantastic piece on Veronica Mars (including an exciting preview of a scene that will be in the movie) in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, which is on sale now.

Note: If you’re having trouble tracking down a copy for yourself, you can order one from the Entertainment Weekly website or count on Barnes and Noble to have them in stock (trust us, we know from experience).



Rob Thomas announces Canadian showings

This past Friday, Rob Thomas announced the first of what fans hope will be many international Veronica Mars screenings. The movie will be playing in Cineplex theaters in 21 cities across Canada and tickets for those shows are now on sale. 13 of those cities will be getting the Veronica Mars movie the same day as U.S. theaters, while the other locations will have their first screenings on March 20.

Canadian marshmallows can find more details on the Cineplex website, here’s a list of the Canadian cities that will be screening Veronica Mars:

  • Calgary (March 14)
  • Edmonton (March 14)
  • Halifax/Darmouth (March 14)
  • Hamiton (March 14)
  • Kitchener/Waterloo (March 14)
  • London (March 14)
  • Montreal (March 14)
  • Ottawa (March 14)
  • St. John’s Newfoundland (March 14)
  • Toronto (March 14)
  • Vancouver (March 14)
  • Victoria (March 14)
  • Winnipeg (March 14)
  • Barrie (March 20)
  • Fredericton (March 20)
  • Lethbridge (March 20)
  • Nanaimo (March 20)
  • Red Deer (March 20)
  • Regina (March 20)
  • Saskatoon (March 20)
  • St. John • Windsor (March 20)

In the same update in which he announced the Canada screenings, Rob Thomas stated that they’re still working hard on more international screenings and are hoping to have an update for fans some time this week.

For those of you who may have had trouble purchasing tickets for the Layton Hills, UT showings, we tried it Sunday night and it seems to be working now. If you (or any other Marshmallows from other states) have any more trouble with tickets, contact the theater for assistance or information.

‘Veronica Mars’ ‘Race to the Box Office’ website launches

Last week, Warner Brothers launched their Veronica Mars “Race to the Box Office” website. In addition to their more traditional Veronica Mars movie website, “The Race to the Box Office” is all about fan participation. Fans who “join the race” can work together to unlock special rewards (like exclusive behind-the-scene clips) by promoting the movie in the ways listed on the site. Plus, the page releases small goodies for fans every day (like character profiles), so be sure to check back daily.

Which of these pieces of ‘Veronica Mars’ news excites you most?

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