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‘Veronica Mars’: How to prepare for the movie

Use ‘Veronica Mars’ lingo in your everyday life.

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“Be cool, soda pop.” “Do you not instinctively fear me?” “Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!” Veronica Mars quotes are so applicable to everyday life, aren’t they? It seems like, no matter the situation, it’s easy to find a quote that fits your needs or situation, whether it comes from Veronica, Logan, Dick, or someone else. What better way to celebrate the movie’s premiere and the continuation of such a beloved series than by quoting it endlessly? You’re probably already using Veronica Mars quotes in everyday life, so this should be too difficult for you.

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Record ‘Inspirational Messages of the Day’ for your voicemail.

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While Logan portrays himself as a tough guy at every chance he gets, his “Inspirational Messages of the Day” on his voicemail always gives us a glimpse into just how much we sometimes underestimate his character and intelligence. As a sort of countdown to the movie, record your own inspirational messages. Or, if you prefer, record a new Veronica Mars quote every day. Then, force people to call you instead of text you so that they can truly appreciate your quotes. Heck, you may even convert a few non-fans!

Make sure you’re up on your pop culture.

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Veronica Mars (the TV series) is known for its witty banter and pop culture references (both obscure and obvious). So why shouldn’t we expect the same of the movie? The series ended its run in 2007, which means that, at the time of filming, they had about six years of pop culture to throw into their script. Our advice? Check out a few year-in-review videos or webpages and refresh yourself on what important pop culture events happened when. This will probably be the easiest item on our list, though, because you’re all Hypable readers which puts you ahead of the curve.

Dance around to ‘We Used to Be Friends’ for at least an hour every day.

Piz dancing
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Whether you choose the original version, season 3 version, the new soundtrack version, or another pumped up cut of “We Used to Be Friends,” you’re definitely going to want to listen to the song on repeat (if you haven’t been doing so already). It’s just so epic and does wonders for your heart rate. We don’t know about you, but we’ve used it to pump ourselves up on quite a few occasions (including on ReWatchable recording days). You don’t even have to dance along to the tune if you don’t want to. Singing loudly, bobbing your head, and making rhythmical hand movements would be more than enough. These moves would be perfectly suited for your drive to and from the theater (or while you’re waiting for the movie to load). Just sayin’.

How do you plan on preparing for the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie?

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