Talks of a Twilight spinoff aren’t going away any time soon, so we may as well start thinking about some spinoffs we might actually want to see.

Lionsgate is still looking for Stephenie Meyer’s permission to continue making movies in the world of Twilight. We’re guessing they’ll wear her down eventually, so it’s really only a matter of time before we see the first Twilight spinoff on either the big or small screen.

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The Twilight films were far from the strongest adaptations we’ve ever seen (even the cast hated them), but the series still has a huge fan base. It’s been almost five years since Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was released, so it could be the perfect time for a fresh start, with a new story from the Twilight world.

Unfortunately, while we’re still waiting not-so-patiently for the release of Midnight Sun, a continuation of Edward and Bella’s story doesn’t seem particularly interesting. Once you throw in the Jacob/Renesmee relationship, things get even more murky. However, even though Twilight is essentially Edward and Bella’s story, there are still plenty of other characters with stories to tell.

Here are five spinoff ideas, set in the world of Twilight, that we might actually consider tuning in for! Check out our pitches, and let us know what spinoff you’d like to see, in the comments.

‘Vampire, M.D.’

Carlisle Cullen is easily one of the most interesting characters in the entire Twilight saga. The brief glimpses the books gave us into Carlisle’s past were fascinating, and always over too quickly.

While we know that Carlisle spent some time travelling the world, exploring his vampirism, and even living with the Volturi, one of the most intriguing things about him will always be the fact that he chooses to be a doctor. He chooses to be surrounded by his greatest temptation, everyday, so he can help people.

The last thing the TV landscape needs is another medical drama, but this idea would probably work best as a series. Fortunately, a medical drama featuring Carlisle Cullen could be very unique. We could explore his need to save people continually outweighing his desire for blood, tough decisions regarding whether to turn people, or let them die, and how his vampiric gifts aid him in his craft.

The fact that vampires never age would offer endless flashback potential, allowing us to finally go back and see when Carlisle transitioned, and all of his many stages of life. Eventually, we could also follow Carlisle as he meets Esme and their “children!” Come on, we can’t be done with Edward Cullen, yet.

‘The Vampire Wars’

twilight spin-off, jasper hale, jasper whitlock

Jasper Hale doesn’t only have one of the coolest gifts of the Cullen clan, he also has one of the coolest back stories. Just hearing him describe his actions during the southern vampire wars, and how his gift for feeling/influencing the emotions of others made things equally easy and torturous gave us chills.

This movie would tell the story of the southern vampire wars, but with Jasper, and his gift, at the focal point. We could spend time with the woman he thought he loved, as well as some of the nomads that Jasper summoned for the final battle in Breaking Dawn.

A spinoff surrounding Jasper’s time in the war wouldn’t give us much opportunity to see the other lead characters, but it could still be an interesting story that would be just removed enough from Twilight.


The world’s ruling vampire clan, all with shockingly powerful gifts, in the heart of Italy? Yeah, we would watch that.

As was the case with so many characters in Twilight, we were only offered brief, but fascinating glimpses into the lives of the Volturi. If you’re wondering if a spinoff based on the villains of the Twilight world would work, just look at The Originals! It was created around the villains of The Vampire Diaries, and it’s great! Stories about the Volturi could work just as well on the big screen, also.

With the incredible powers that Aro, Jane, Alec, and Aro’s other minions possess, Volterra could tell a vampire story like we’ve never seen it before, and that’s saying something. On top of their talents, we’re also dying to know more about some of their more underhanded dealings that were hinted at in Breaking Dawn.

‘The Quileutes’

twilight spin-off, jacob black, quileutes, wolf pack

Alternately titled La push, baby. Alpha/beta drama, ancient legends told around campfires that turn out to be true, men that are contractually obligated to have a six-pack…need we say more?

The Quileute wolf pack kind of got shafted in Twilight thanks to all of the vampire drama, but they’re more than capable of carrying their own story. The tribe has a rich and interesting backstory, a noble purpose (protecting their town from vampires), and a strict moral code. All of these things combined could make for one hell of a movie and/or series.

If cast and written well, the pack dynamic could be one of the highlights of The Quileutes. We already know about the heightened rage and resentment that some of the wolves feel, but it’d be cool to explore their friendship and teamwork in more depth. Hey, if we get to spend more time with the pack, maybe we’ll finally understand how the hell imprinting works!

Now that we know the wolves aren’t werewolves, but shapeshifters, we could potentially see some of their other capabilities. Twilight ended just as we learned of the mistake, so we still don’t really know what implications that knowledge had on the pack.

Depending on when The Quileutes was set, it may or may not include Jacob Black. If he was included, we could potentially catch glimpses of Renesmee, Bella, and Edward too! If he wasn’t, they’d surely have to reference the “legendary Alpha, Jacob Black,” at least once.

All we really ask is that they figure out how to make the wolf conversations watchable, before The Quileutes comes out.

The Untitled Jessica Stanley Project

twilight spin-off, jessica stanley, mike

Somehow Jessica Stanley/Anna Kendrick managed to steal the show in the Twilight movies, even while averaging around 3 lines per film. If there’s any way Anna Kendrick would be on board, we want an entire Jessica franchise!

Sure, we still want Midnight Sun, but in reality, that’s just Twilight all over again. What we really need to see are the untold stories of Forks High School, through the eyes of Miss Stanley, of course. Whatever happened to that feature on swimsuit padding on the swim team?

With Jessica at the helm this could only be a comedy, and a very unique one, at that. What happens when you’re the town gossip and your school is crawling with vampires but you don’t know they exist? We don’t know! Tell us, Jessica!

What ‘Twilight’ spinoffs would you want to see?

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