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11 times the ‘Twilight’ cast hated ‘Twilight’ more than anyone

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Shailene Woodley might be jumping on the criticising Twilight bandwagon, but no one has hated longer and harder than the actual Twilight cast.

In a recent interview about the upcoming release of Divergent, star Shailene Woodley called the relationship between Bella and Edward in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight “toxic.”

That some people are not big fans of this vampire romance should not be news to, well, anyone. But what might surprise you is just how much Woodley has in common with the Twilight cast – because it turns out, some of them aren’t big Twilight fans either.

Shailene Woodley might have some problems with Bella and Edward, but no one seems to hate Twilight more than the cast of the hit film adaptations (and especially, Rob Pattinson).

When the ‘Twilight’ cast hated it more than anyone

When Rob Pattinson had his own concerns about the Bella/Edward romance

When the Twilight cast hated Twilight

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When Kellan Lutz trashed the script and the sparkles

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When Rob Pattinson wanted his dignity back as a parting gift

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When Kristen Stewart had some plot questions…

Twilight cast member Kristen Stewart hates on the movie

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…and (unsurprisingly) so did Rob Pattinson

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When Anna Kendrick got a little too excited that she wasn’t in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ and didn’t have to talk about it

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When Rob Pattinson questioned Edward’s motivations

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When the ‘Eclipse’ DVD commentary brought up some interesting questions

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When Rob Pattinson shared his feelings on the end of the ‘Twilight’ series

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This was after being asked: “Millions of Twilight fans out there just cannot wait to see this. It’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?”

…and finally admitted what we all knew he was thinking, after being asked if he would be a ‘Twilight’ fan if he wasn’t in the films

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