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TV ships that need to sail this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! In celebration of this day of love, here are some television ships we hope will soon become canon!

Int he spirit of the holiday, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite couples who need to make some moves. But if you’re not feeling the love tonight, be sure to check out the TV ships that need to sink.

Joan/Sherlock – ‘Elementary’

elementary sherlock joan
Before Elementary started, many people were angry that John Watson was changed to a female character. There was the assumption that Sherlock and Joan would become romantically involved and it would ruin the show. We were assured by show creators that there wouldn’t be romantic undertones, and so far they’ve stuck to that. Yet Sherlock and Joan’s relationship has grown so much and so beautifully that now, well into season 3, you can’t help but want a romance. Or what would be Sherlock’s version of a romantic relationship.

The two characters have a deep respect, love, and understanding of each other, so romantic love seems like a natural progression. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Sherlock is already in love with Joan, whether he realizes it or not. On Joan’s side, however, she seems to need more time and perhaps a bit of a push. No matter. If these two continue to grow and build as steadily as the last three seasons, waiting for this ship to happen won’t be frustrating. This ship is more about the journey than the destination.

Molly/Sherlock – ‘Sherlock’

sherlock molly sherlolly
Since the first season it was clear that Molly had a school girl crush on Sherlock. Often her feelings were used for comic relief, as Sherlock was oblivious of her affections. But slowly it became clear that Molly didn’t just have a crush on Sherlock. She was in love, and suddenly, her feelings weren’t funny anymore. Molly matured a bit, and seemed less like a crushed little girl and more of a heartbroken woman. You couldn’t help but feel bad for her that the man she loved barely gave her a second glance.

Come series 3 though, things changed. Even though Molly hadn’t moved on, despite her claims otherwise, Sherlock seemed to be taking a new interest. With John less in the picture, Sherlock turned his attention elsewhere, and sought none other than Molly Hooper. In fact, the scene in which he asked her to be his new assistant was played up as if he were about to ask her on a date. Perhaps this was just more comic relief, but there’s no denying the sadness in his voice when he congratulates Molly on her engagement.

There’s still a long way to go for these two, but series 3 provided some great set up for what the future (possibly) holds for Molly and Sherlock’s relationship.

Felicity/Oliver – ‘Arrow’

arrow oliver felicity
‘I love you but I can’t be with you because people I love get hurt.’ ‘I love you but I can’t be with you because people you love get hurt.’

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Not only is that excuse old and tiresome, it also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when it comes to Oliver and Felicity. Neither want to be with each other for fear of Felicity being targeted by Oliver’s enemies. But both are okay with her working for Oliver and being targeted by his enemies. What does it matter if they’re dating? Felicity is already deeply involved in Oliver’s life, and most everyone knows they’re in love with each other anyway. It’s season 3. Time to stop playing with the audience’s emotions and make this ship happen.

Enough is enough, just hook up already.

Michonne/Rick – ‘The Walking Dead’

the walking dead rick michonne
Real love is quite scarce in The Walking Dead, especially when people die as often as leaves fall in autumn. If The Walking Dead is to have a new romance, Rick and Michonne are the way to go. When Michonne first arrived, she was quite enclosed, having difficulty trusting and relating to the group. Rick’s acceptance of her allowed her to open up. She became happier, and for the first time in a long time she felt included.

Michonne is also good for Rick. Ricktator is back with a vengeance, so Michonne’s level-head and compassion would be a good way to balance Rick’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality. Moreover, Carl really likes Michonne. If the son approves, she’s already in.

Mary/Tom – ‘Downton Abbey’

downton abbey mary crawley tom branson
With Mary widowed and ready to mingle, and Tom preparing to leave for America, it’s time for these two to admit their feelings for one another and marry already. What better way to keep Tom at Downton than by marrying Mary? As for Mary, no matter how many suitors she toys with, she always ends up tossing them away, never fully satisfied.

Circumstantially, they’re a great fit. What’s more though, they’re also a great fit emotionally, and really would make a great couple. They work together well, as seen by the estate affairs they’re handling with Robert, and they balance each other out. Even better, neither would have a partner that needs to win the approval of their family. Both are already part of the family, so their partnership would be unchallenged.

Regina/Robin – ‘Once Upon a Time’

once upon a time regina robin hood
The ship that has more trouble staying afloat than an anchor. Four seasons into the show and Regina still can’t keep a guy in her clutches. She finally joined the heroes side and commits acts of good, but she’s continually punished for it. Just once it would be nice to see Regina get rewarded for being a good person. It’s dizzying watching their relationship spark and fizzle on a constant basis. Once and for all, it’s time for Regina to have true love.

Clarke/Bellamy – ‘The 100’

100 bellamy clarke
Season 2 spoilers. With Finn out of the picture, this ship can finally hoist the sails. Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship development has been fantastic to watch. What started out as mutual hatred has turned into a great partnership. Bellamy has helped Clarke become a little harder and thus a better leader, and Clarke has softened Bellamy into a more reasonable and less impulsive soldier.

For doubters of their romantic potential, take a look at one of the more recent episodes. Despite Clarke vowing to become heartless, she couldn’t hide the relief she felt upon hearing Bellamy was okay after entering Mount Weather. They respect each other, and more importantly, they care about each other. So far their relationship is developing at a nice and steady pace. Hopefully that means we’ll see some sparks before the end of the season.

What TV ships are you anxious to see make it official?

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