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TV ships that need to sink this Valentine’s Day

It may be Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean everyone has hearts in their eyes. Here are some television ships we hope will soon sink.

Some people can’t stand Valentine’s Day, so for those of you who just aren’t in the romance mood, we’ve compiled a list of TV couples who would really benefit from a break up. But if your heart is swelling today, be sure to check out the TV ships that need to sail.

Emma/Killian – ‘Once Upon a Time’

once upon a time emma killian
No one can say Killian hasn’t become a better person since he fell in love with Emma. He’s on Team Good now, helping out the heroes. From a character standpoint it’s great. He’s grown and developed in a natural way. But from a viewer standpoint, it’s boring.

After falling for Emma, Killian lost a lot of his swashbuckling swagger. As a character, he was much more interesting and fun to watch when he was an antagonist. Now he’s all about Emma and the constant love proclamations are getting tiring. If Emma were to break his heart, perhaps we’d get our pert pirate back.

Hayley/Jackson – ‘The Originals’

Crescent City
Season 2 spoilers. Sure they make a cute couple, and their marriage means the pack can gain Hayley’s abilities, but is their relationship really that engaging? When we’ve seen how much Elijah and Hayley care about each other, and when we’ve been seeing it for so long, it’s not easy to forget or set aside. Elijah and Hayley are the quintessential will-they-won’t-they-but-we-want-them-to ship. It also helps that Elijah is just so darn cute with Hope. It’s nothing against Jackson. He was just too late to the party.

Malia/Stiles – ‘Teen Wolf’

teen wolf stiles malia
Despite initial misgivings, Malia has turned out to be a lovely addition to the pack. Even her relationship with Stiles is kind of cute. Until you remember that she was a coyote for half of her life and couldn’t have developed social capabilities to match her age. In other words, she didn’t mature, and in some ways only has the extent of a nine-year-old’s mind. When you think of it like that, suddenly her relationship with Stiles doesn’t seem so cute anymore.

But let’s say Malia is perfect in every way. We are then left with the problem that for four seasons, Teen Wolf has set up a relationship with Stiles and Lydia. Of course, that ship couldn’t happen initially, since Lydia was more concerned about her image. She would never date someone like Stiles for fear of ruining her reputation. But Lydia has grown a lot since the first season. A relationship with Stiles would not be out of character anymore. And after building it up for so long, we are more than due for results.

Katrina/Ichabod – ‘Sleepy Hollow’

sleepy hollow ichabod katrina crane
It’s no secret that Katrina isn’t exactly the most popular character on Sleepy Hollow, nor should it be surprising. Her circumstances don’t allow her to have much of a personality outside of worrying, and her relationship with Ichabod is one dimensional. We never really see them interact on a level other than arguing or saying ‘I love you.’ At this point, Ichabod has more chemistry with Jenny.

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Considering Ichabod and Katrina have been a couple since the show’s inception, and viewers still aren’t in love with their love, it’s time to end the relationship. That doesn’t mean she has to die though. It’d be much more interesting to see her go dark side and fight against Ichabod. That would also eliminate time spent on Ichabod mourning her death, because viewers don’t care enough about her to want to see that.

Aslaug/Ragnar – ‘Vikings’

vikings ragnar lagertha aslaug
The relationship that should never have been. The relationship that ended the OTP. Ragnar and Aslaug’s marriage needs to end as quickly as it began. We all know that Ragnar and Lagertha are endgame, so why cause us such emotional turmoil?

Although Aslaug isn’t as loathsome as expected, Lagertha is still a better fit for Ragnar. Sure, Ragnar needed sons and it seemed Lagertha couldn’t provide. Well he has some now, so he can just do to Aslaug what he did to Lagertha. Jump ship. His people prefer Lagertha too, so he’d be doing everyone a favor. Especially the viewers.

Cersei/Jaime – ‘Game of Thrones’

As strange, and arguably as wrong, as Cersei and Jaime’s romantic relationship is, it worked for a while. Cersei and Jaime really care for each other (fortunately for them, since nobody else likes them). But as seasons progressed, Jaime and Cersei weren’t around each other much, and without the poisonous influence of Cersei, Jaime began redeeming himself. It wasn’t uncommon to hear fans say how much they actually started liking him.

Without Cersei, and probably with Brienne, Jaime made less selfish decisions. He opened up, and he showed us a more vulnerable side. Sure he’s still vain and snarky, but isn’t that part of the charm? What’s more important is that he’s not just looking out for himself anymore, he sees the bigger picture. But now that he’s back in King’s Landing with Cersei, there’s the fear he’ll revert back to his old self. He needs to dump her like Cersei dumps wine into a cup. He’ll be better off that way.

Blaine/Kurt – ‘Glee’

glee kurt blaine
For some reason, Glee seems to think that your last love is always your first love. When Kurt first met Blaine, of course viewers were excited that Kurt would finally get a love interest. For a while, their relationship was cute and charming. We were all rooting for them. But eventually it became clear they just wouldn’t work together. And that’s okay. Many high school relationships don’t last because people change a lot after high school. Kurt and Blaine changed. They grew up and the young love phase ended.

Yet Glee continues to glorify this relationship, despite it not being a healthy one. They fight a lot, and they made decisions about their futures because of each other, instead of for themselves. Even into the last season, Glee won’t let this relationship go. Klaine is still being shoved down our throats even though it’s clear they are not better off together. Glee should take the opportunity to show that you can move on from first loves, from high school loves, and life doesn’t end just because a relationship does.

What TV ships do you wish would let go anchor?

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